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Crossbow Dangers

April 23rd, 2017

So here is the rest of the story from my last blog. three years ago while bear hunting in Marquette Michigan I had the opportunity for a nice 275-300 pound black bear. It was my first hunt using a crossbow. Previously I have taken 5 bear with archery and two with a rifle. On this […]

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Another Successful Turkey Hunt (Michigan 2017)

April 22nd, 2017

Been out of town for the 2017 Spring turkey hunt, and once again I have put a bird in the freezer. Things did not start out that well as I arrived at my place early Sunday morning and was checking my equipment out. I set up a target to check out my crossbow to make […]

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Looking at basic soil test results

April 13th, 2017

You’ve read it here in this blog, you’ve heard it from your neighbor, even your Aunt Bootsie told you to get a soil test for your garden.I’ve always recommended using the soil testing lab at Michigan State University, it’s the “gold standard” of soil labs in Michigan.For most gardens a basic test will provide you … Continue reading Looking at basic soil test results

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Michigan Turkey Season About to Start!

April 12th, 2017

Michigan’s 2017 spring turkey season is about to take off this coming Monday. You would think at 70 years old I could come and go as I please! I guess that’s wishful thinking. I had plans of being at the cabin right now scouting, putting up ground blinds, and getting all my equipment in order. […]

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Michigan Bowhunter Banquet 2017

April 08th, 2017

The Michigan Bowhunters Association just held their annual banquet today April 8th. 2017. Once again my little brother received one of the most coveted awards given out by the association. The Michigan “Grand Slam” award goes to the member who has taken a deer, bear, and 30 point small game animal. Small game meaning a […]

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Donnies Got a Gun

April 07th, 2017

Trump took action in Syria. As he had previously said, he now owns it. But one action does not a policy make. It isnt clear what the Trump policy in Syria is, other than a warning to Assad that he cant use chemical weapons and a threat that the US is now seeking regime change. […]

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Gardening in a post-apocalyptic world

April 06th, 2017

“Because survival is insufficient” Last week I had the pleasure to participate in a panel discussion sponsored by the Agora, the student newspaper atMonroe County Community College. It was part of their “One Book One Community” series in which a book is chosen and as many people as possible read the book, then events such … Continue reading Gardening in a post-apocalyptic world

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Fishing Michigan Equals Great Big Smiles!

April 05th, 2017

Michigan is known for its vast herd of Whitetails, but the many lakes and streams make our state an anglers heaven! Michiganders have more water access than any other of the lower 48 states. The Great Lakes have some of the most fantastic fisheries of any fresh water lakes in the world. I personally have […]

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Spring Offers Many Opportunities To Enjoy What Nature Offers

April 03rd, 2017

Just like these turkeys need to be very cautious as to what direction they take, so do outdoor recreationistsin taking to the woods this Spring. I mean it is spring isnt it? At least the calendar says it is, but Winter doesnt want to release its relentless grip on Michigan! I know most of us […]

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Python Swallows Crocodile Whole!

April 01st, 2017

Have you seen the latest news about a Python swallowing a whole crocodile? Just recently a Python killed and swallowed a human in south America. They have been known to take down deer, wild, boar, and even porcupines, but human, alligators, and crocodiles have not been know to be on their diet! This latest incident […]

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Hip Replacement And Golf!

March 31st, 2017

On February 3rd. I had my left hip replaced due to arteritis. Before surgery I asked my Doctor (Irwin) if he thought I could be playing golf by April. He said as long as therapy went well he didn’t see why not. Well after 5 weeks of therapy I was ready for some warm weather […]

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Large Turkey Crashes Through Car Windshield

March 29th, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS A family ran into an unusual and unexpected object in Indiana on Tuesday when a 30-pound turkey crashed through the car windshield. Officers with the La Porte County (Ind.) Sheriff’s Office were called to an area of U.S. 20 about 25 miles west of South Bend, Ind., after a family hit and killed a […]

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Early Spring Deer Report

March 27th, 2017

Just returned from a few days at our place around Mio Michigan where the snow is all but gone! Our driveway was clear of any snow, but it was awful muddy. There has been a lot of rain these past few days and more coming. Still a little snow patches in the deep woods, but […]

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A drawback to growing heirloom tomatoes

March 27th, 2017

Heirloom tomatoes have been all the rage for years now and they are still gaining in popularity — for good reason. Not only do they offer a wide variety of taste and texture, they also come in a rainbow of colors. On the other hand, there are several drawbacks to growing heirloom tomatoes, I’m not … Continue reading A drawback to growing heirloom tomatoes

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Which way to run rows in the garden

March 27th, 2017

Even though the soil out in the garden is still very cold, we can still plant our garden — on paper that is. There are several advantages to planning your garden on paper or on an app, before setting it out in the ground. The most obvious is you can get a good idea of … Continue reading Which way to run rows in the garden

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Eaten by Alligators

March 24th, 2017

  There are points in history when, even though you see them coming, you cant help but marvel when they actually happen. Thus it is with the repeal of healthcare reform. Obama and the Democrats figured when it was passed, that if Republicans ever gained control of all branches of government again, the political costs […]

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Big Lie Everyone Will Be Covered

March 22nd, 2017

  President Trump rode a populist wave into the White House. He was embraced by those who felt that both parties and were ignoring their pain. He promised to pay attention to their problems and get government working again for them. He promised healthcare insurance for everyone that would cover more and cost less. He […]

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Bees forage on chicken feed during winter warm up

March 04th, 2017

We’re back to near normal temperatures after that stretch of unseasonably warm days in late February. Maybe you noticed last week all the honey bees that were out flying. They took advantage of the nice days to make their cleansing flights to defecate outside the hive. Bees avoid passing their digestive waste inside the hive … Continue reading Bees forage on chicken feed during winter warm up

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Sometimes It Takes More Than Looks

March 02nd, 2017

Warren G. Harding is widely regarded as the worst President ever to occupy the office. Many say he won the election because he looked like a President. This was the tail end of an era where those who LOOKED like gentlemen were assumed to possess all of qualities and capabilities associated with gentlemen. While Harding […]

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Trump and the Media

February 24th, 2017

Trumps base of support have developed a remarkable ability to take what Trump says and replace it in their minds with their own interpretation of what Trump means. This is not surprising because right-wing media have been doing this since the start of Fox News. They manipulate facts to support a larger political agenda. Ethical […]

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