Bells Two Hearted Ale mini-keg and a near disaster

Bells released their Two Hearted (IPA) in mini kegs this past week. Mini-kegs are 1.32 gallons, which equal out to 10 pints.

I’m fortunate enough to have a wife that understands these special beer occasions only come once a year. Since she works in Dearborn, she is close to one of the finest beer stores in Michigan – Merchant’s. They received a shipment of these last weekend, she said it looked like they had 20 or so left. They retail for $20.99. (I’m not sure if anyone local has these – please post a comment if you’ve seen them in Monroe).

The picture you see here, was taken in my kitchen. I positioned the keg on top of the refrigerator, and brought it a little over the edge for a better picture. I was in a hurry, so the photo didn’t come out all that well.

Last night I was watching television, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the freezer door swing open. It was slow motion – the bells mini-keg came crashing down on the floor. Like an idiot, the first words out of my mouth were “OH NO – is my beer O.K.?!”.. It was, thank goodness. And if you’re wondering, so was my wife. She now calls it “The Bells mini-keg that almost killed me.”

So, to wrap this up – a couple of mini-keg tips:

1. Drink the mini-keg in one evening. They’ll stay carbonated for about a day in the keg.

2. Ask a friend or friends to join you, I wouldn’t suggest attempting one of these by yourself. If you do, you’re a trooper (or just crazy).  I’m saving mine for New Years, and I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding someone to assist me.

3. If a mini-keg falls on your wife, ask her if she’s O.K. first – then check the beer. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bells Two Hearted Ale mini-keg and a near disaster

  1. Damn, it sounds like you got yourself a keeper if she handled a mini keg to the dome like that. I’m drinking off of one of these as I type this. By far one of my favorite beers. We are lucky to be Michiganders especially when it comes to beer!

  2. Just picked one of these up over in Green Bay for the Packer game… 17.99… Can’t beat that with a stick… Love this beer!

  3. Just found these at the store here in MN for 18.99. Not bad considering the 6 pack of bottles goes for 8.99.

    Good beeeeer….

  4. I’m drinking off one too. I found mine in Florida at Wild Oats but it was 24.99. 6-packs here cost 9.99 when you can find them. Cheers to this fine ale!!

  5. Seriously, how awesome of a find is is this? I’m in Bay City MI and a sixer here goes for $11.99. What a joy it was to see this at the local party/wine store, Ideal Party Store is tops! Two Hearted is my favorite IPA by far. I also grabbed a 12oz Bell’s Oracle DIPA(12oz Double IPA 10.4% abc) WOW! What a great brew also. If you get the chance, try it!

    Peace out beer lovers!

  6. I found your post while searching for a picture of the mini keg. I actually polished off one of my own last night after finding it at Jungle Jim’s near Cincinnati (which is a fantastic supermarket for basically anything whatsoever), though I’m pretty jealous of everybody who’s talked about the prices of theirs…22.99 here in Ohio. I probably should have run down to KY to get it for less, but oh well. It was terrific, and I felt like it was loads more enjoyable once I started drinking it straight of the mini keg.

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