Respect Beer

When you start a blog about beer some people may get the wrong impression about what you’re doing. Some may expect that the majority of your posts will begin with, “Dude…I got so wasted last night…” or that you will start compiling top ten lists of the beers with the highest ABV (alcohol by volume).

Others may think that the purpose of a craft beer blog is a platform for you to be a snotty or preachy beer snob, extolling the virtues of craft beer while snidely looking down upon those  who prefer traditional American beer styles like Budweiser.

Our hope is that we won’t be doing either of those things in this blog which is why I’d like to offer Beer Advocate’s tips for respecting beer  as sort of a framework of where we’re coming from and as  a guide for those who may be just venturing into the exciting world of craft beer.

Don’t get me wrong.  We’re human.  We don’t want to give the impression that we’ve never over-consumed  or that we’ve never, especially among other craft beer geeks, laughed at catty jokes about turning a stout into a Bud Light (i.e. going to the bathroom). 

But hopefully these tips will help us, and you, set the tone for the conversation.

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