Road trip!

I’m on my way to Bay City, MI to visit a friend. I used the my favorite Beer Mapping site to find a place to stop on the way up. I found the Redwood Lodge in Flint, MI. This place is huge, definitely a hot spot, probably more for the food than the beers.  They have over 10 beers on tap, and I think one cask.    I had an Imperial Stout – not as strong as other imperials I’ve had, but good and nutty.   Now, I am enjoying an Imperial Red. This Red is great – it doesn’t have a big smell to it, but it tastes just like a bag of hop pellets smell.  The description in the menu describes it as being loaded with hops.     I’d love to stay and check out some more of their brews, but it’s about time to move on.   Definitely will be back here to eat someday, the food looks amazing – but a bit on the pricey side.

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