Steins-N-Stuff sale – Dec. 1st & 8th – Fowlerville, MI

Where: 1664 Fowlerville Rd. Fowlerville, MI 48836
When: December 1st & 8th 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
What: Steins-N-Stuff is owned by a gentlemen named Bill Middaugh. He collects and sells everything related to beer. The barn has tons of beer steins, tin signs, mirrors, coolers, mugs – anything you can think of related to be, Bill probably has.. and then some. I was told he just got a bunch of Bud mirrors with different football and baseball teams on them.

I haven’t been to the place yet, but one of my friends has been going for a couple of years to his sales, and always comes back with items he picks up at unbelievable prices. Last year he picked me up a cooler that I use golfing for a couple of dollars. He said the prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking to spruce up a basement bar, this would be the place to do it. Bill is also open by appointment. He can be contacted at: or 517-256-0436 for more info.

I plan on getting there this Saturday morning around 10 a.m. Michigan Brewing Company is 10 minutes up the road, so if anyone else is going – we’re going to plan on a Noon lunch at the MBC.

12 thoughts on “Steins-N-Stuff sale – Dec. 1st & 8th – Fowlerville, MI

  1. I should report that I went to the STeins and Stuff sale – and was thoroughly impressed. If you’re a beer fan, you’re going to love this place. Not only did they have all the bud, budlight, miller items you’ll need to decorate your garage or bar, they also had neon signs, bells signs, german beer signs -i picked myself up a Guinness chalk board for the bar. Tons of tap handles, steins, posters, etc. The guy is super friendly and will cut you a bargain on whatever you buy. Definitely will be back!

  2. Best place ever..worth the trip. We used to live in Charlotte, MI and go all the time. Now live in Fort Wayne, IN and is still way worth the trip!! Bill is the best!!!

  3. I have been going out there for a couple of years and it is well worth the trip.Bill is the best.If he doesn’t have it,he can usually get it.

  4. Steins-N-Stuff is having another sale next weekend,9-5 Saturday and Sunday.It’s a great place to find a last minute gift.The postcard I got said that he just got in some Harley-Davidson mirrors.

  5. Hi Everyone- I appreciate the comments – I try to have the best selection and hope to give the best prices – if you want anything in particular feel free to email at: – Thanks again! Bill, Steins ‘N Stuff

  6. Hello. someone told me about you, that perhaps you would be intrested in some red wings autographed framed pictures. Have about a dozen. Let me know, can set up a meeting, will bring pictures to you.

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  8. If your talking about going to the Michigan Brew Company in Weberville after the sale in December, it’s closed down :{…..

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