Welcome to the Michigan Beer Buzz blog. This could very well be the first blog from Monroe, MI all about beer. The idea came about while a group of us were sitting around Fort St. Brewing in Lincoln Park, MI. We thought the world needed yet another blog, but ours would be the coolest blog ever. Since we’re all beer nuts, and are always swapping ideas about breweries, beer flavors, tastings, festivals, beer brewing tips, etc., we figured it would benefit the beer community to start keeping track of all this good information!

So far, there will be three of us posting to this blog. We will be recruiting others in the future who share the same passion for craft beer as we do. We definitely aren’t experts in the field, so please help us out. Post comments, send us articles and help us make this the best beer blog ever! We have some really exciting posts coming your way, so sit tight and enjoy Monroe’s first ever blog about beer!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Nice looking blog site, except it’s a little blurry. Of course, I just chugged a 20-ouncer.
    BTW, who’s going to maintain the site when all three of you are crocked?

  2. Great Lakes does some good beer. My fav is the seasonal (soon, hopefully, to be annual) Commodore IPA. Ask me sometime to tell the story when my wife dropped a case of that in a store.. 🙂 – Two Hearted… mmm., one of my fave’s. Blurry, yeah.. sorry dude, same here. We’ve signed a paper that says hopefully, we’ll do our best, to all not sample quality brew at the same time. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  3. Hello all… 2 cents coming your way…

    looking at the current likes I have a recommendation for kevin.
    it’s a smoky liter of portery justice…

    this is one of the many maps on beermapping.com

    you should do a homebrewers spotlite for east side michigan.

    the dragonmead vs kuhnhenn state of the union is always in order, I side with dragonmead a bit more, but the black cherry soda they make is the deciding factor…

    an across the bridge, canadian perspective might be nice… and what’s available from canadian micro’s across the bridge… I’d love to think I could get some scotch-irish, mill st. or wellington brews easy sleazy…

    I have a great fondness for merchant’s in dearborn, but also a conflicting one for bello vino in ann arbor, as well as cloverleaf…? battle of the bottleshops… do price versus selection versus customer service versus ???

    Beer porn thru sexy pairings… such as truffles and duck and a nice biere de garde are always cool… hunt down beer dinner listings… pictures if you can get em.

    send someone to find out what the “real” deal is with larry and his band of funnymen over in k-zoo about the beer being sent to IL? that’s kinda scary in a hopefully they’ve found a loophole sorta way….

    I’d love to know more about the histories behind some of the lesser known places in michigan, beerbars and brewpubs alike… those stories are best told while bellying up.

    for an illinois (the s is silent thank you) guy… I think about your state quite a bit…
    rock on


  4. Blog on, Michigan-ites. I just got back from my first road trip to the mitten state and brought back a load from Jolly Pumpkin’s store as well as Bello Vino in Ann Arbor. You have lots to write about.

  5. Thanks Dave for the suggestions. We plan on touching on a lot of things and I love the idea of food beer pairings. We have gone to some great beer dinners in the past and we will definitely be reviewing new ones. Big Bear Lodge in Flat Rock puts a beer dinner on every month and they do a great job.
    Alan, I’m so glad you mentioned Jolly Pumpkin. If anyone hasn’t been there yet you need to get there. If you are new to Belguim beers do not judge on your first taste take another drink and you will thank yourself that you did. We are planning a trip in December when they release there Noel De Calabaza. My current favorite is the Bam Noire.

  6. Hi guys,

    This is Keith from the F.O.R.D. club. Just wanted to leave a post like I said I would regarding our January 2008 meeting. Currently F.O.R.D. rotates between 2 locations, Fort Street Brewery in Lincoln Park, and Capers Tavern on Southfield Rd. at Outer Dr. We are currently on an alternating schedule of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and meet the 4th Tuesday of every month. January 2008 meeting will be at Capers Tavern on Tuesday January 22nd at 7pm. People usually get there early though to grab a bite to eat. Capers is located just behind the Southeast corner of Outer Dr. and Southfield, in the strip mall near the Dunhams. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me at guinnessgod@comcast.net. Hope to see you at our next meeting.


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