Beer review – 2007 Blitzen Flavored Ale – Maumee Bay Brewing

Maumee Bay Brewing Company (Toledo OH)
2007 Blitzen Flavored Ale

I picked up 1 pint 6 oz. bottle at The Andersons in Toledo Ohio for $3.49.
I only recently found out they brew this beer every year, from an article in the Toledo Blade. I hadn’t really planned on picking it up, but I was at the store, and it was on the shelf, begging to be purchased – so, I figured I had to try it.
Here’s the review:

This beer pours a very thin tan head that dissolved quickly. The beer is deep amber in color.
There is an immediate nutty, earthy pine smell to it. There’s a definite cinnamon scent with a deep fruit and spice tones. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about the smell that seems off to me.
A very thin, light cream feel with a bit of a sharp finish. Almost a bit too much carbonation. A creamy, malty, bitey upfront flavor, bursting with cinnamon. You can taste a bit of the honey and orange and other spices too.
Overall, it’s a decent Christmas ale. Definitely worth a try.

I’m impressed that Maumee Bay does this annually. I kind of wish they would experiment more, and branch off doing other things – we desperately need some quality brewing representation in Toledo, OH. I’m really bummed that they closed the 2nd floor of the brew pub. I think the atmosphere on that second floor was what made Maumee Bay. I don’t want to get too down on them, they are brewing beer, and I give them credit for that, I just don’t see much activity or promotion of good quality brewed beer, in comparison to most breweries. This Christmas ale definitely gave me some confidence that they can experiment with brewing other styles.

5 thoughts on “Beer review – 2007 Blitzen Flavored Ale – Maumee Bay Brewing

  1. I’ve heard of blueberry flavored beer and coffee flavored beer, but, blitzen flavored beer? Maybe that explains the “smell that seems off to me” comment. It wasn’t yellow was it? 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I haven’t tried this one. Actually never heard of them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha – you know, I had to take a double take at the label as I was writing this. So, this is reindeer flavored beer eh?! haha, man, that makes me laugh. Gives me an idea though – we should try brewing a “Meat” flavored beer. So Rob, what’s on tap this month – well, I have a Tenderloin Pale Ale, brewed Medium Rare, and a Chicken Stout in the fermenter! 🙂

  3. I had a growler of this that Dan Rogers and Jason picked up at the brewery. Dan and Jason were in Ohio getting growlers for Big Rock.

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