Happy Repeal Day!

Police seize illegal barrels of alcoholOctober 28th, 1919, the Volstead Act was passed through Congress. At the time, prohibition was the solution that would put an end to drunkenness, poverty, criminal activity and mental illness.

For 13 long years (beginning January 16th 1920), it was constitutionally banned to manufacture, sell or transport alcohol in the United States.

Long story short, as you can imagine, the plan didn’t work. People drank more, and organized crime increased dramatically.

In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt ran for president. One of his platforms was to repeal prohibition. He was elected and proposed his repeal in March of 1933.

On December 5th, 1933 the 21st amendment was ratified, lifting the ban on alcohol throughout the United States. The modified amendment put the decision in the hands of individual states, to create their own laws.

So, if you needed a reason to have a beer tonight, raise your glass and thank Mr. Roosevelt for putting an end to prohibition, which really helped to set a precedence for the many freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful country of ours.

6 thoughts on “Happy Repeal Day!

  1. I for some reason pay more attention to April 7, 1933(Brew Year’s Eve). On that date the Volstead Act was amended. Before it was amended one could only legally sell beer under .5% ABV. The amended act moved the amount up to 3.2% ABV. The gummyment did this because it was going to take way too long to repeal the 18th amendment. I guess when you really think about it december 5, 1933 might be a more important day in history. My wife and are toasting the day with Dark Horse. I have the Amber Ale she has the perculator duppel bock. I should have called dibs on what she is drinking

  2. Yeah, do you celebrate the intent to end prohibition (April 7th) or the day it happened?

    I suspect that people celebrate April 7th more because the AHA really pushes it.

    I’m toasting with Todd’s RyePA.

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