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I saw this picture today on Awesomeology. The picture has been around for years, but it made me think of my younger days. We would pile in a car, with the sole destination of crossing the bridge into Canada and hitting The Beer Store. At the time, the $ exchange rate was much better, so we were getting a heck of a deal on the beer we’d bring back.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit one of these, they are pretty amazing. You walk back into a walk in cooler like grocery store. There are aisles and stacks of just beer.

For kicks, I Googled “The Beer Store Canada” and found their website. I was quite impressed. They have a huge selection of beers to browse, and a slick store locater tool. I haven’t visited Canada in several years, partially because I’ve heard it takes a while to get across the border, but it sure would be fun to check out the ol’ Beer Store again. Great to see they are still around. Wonder if they’d consider venturing the business to the States?! In the mean time… who’s up for a road trip? πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “The Beer Store – Canada

  1. Of course, these were the days before I discovered craft beer. We’d either find cheap Canadian beer to bring back, or, at the time, before it was released in the states – the beloved Molson XXX. I tasted one of those about a year ago, and wondered how the heck I drank so many of them back then, not that it’s terrible tasting, just that i’ve acquired a taste for different styles of beers over the years. All in all, we had some good times on those road trips.

  2. I probably remember these trips with a little more clarity than you do,Rob,since I usually drove.How about your $1.35 cigar or yelling at the clerk at The Beer Store because they were closing and didn’t want to let us in.Good times.

  3. I’d like to refer to that as negotiating with the clerk. And, the friendly clerk felt so bad for us Americans, and didn’t want us to go home empty handed, that he let us in to buy our beer (either that or he thought we were just crazy!).

    I was just mentioning to a friend, my trips to The Beer Store in Canada, have been replaced by trips to Merchant’s in Dearborn. πŸ™‚

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