Michigan Winter Beer Fest – Today!

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going to the beer fest this winter.   Several of my friends are there and are having a grand time.   The new Grand Rapids, MI location sounds like there is much more room to move around.  5 min or less wait time for beers and bathrooms.   The weather turned out good today too.  Above is an ice carving picture taken by Michigan’s own Kevwieser.   I also heard they were turning people away at the gates, because tickets sold out.   Goes to show ya, Michigan has some darn fine beer!   Now, I’ll be counting down the days until the Summer Beer Fest in July.. 5 months to go!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Michigan Winter Beer Fest – Today!

  1. More room this year, but things were really spread out connect by narrow, icy walkways. A little chilly too in the open air. Great beer though… just may need to think things through better.

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