Before my time: Michigan drinking age used to be 18

The malty taste of freedom
Eshwar Thirunavukkarasu on 3/28/08 – The Michigan Daily

On Jan. 1, 1972, Michigan lawmakers reduced the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, and for about seven years – before a petition drive overturned the lax law in 1978 – college underclassmen got a taste of legal drinking… (read more here)

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10 thoughts on “Before my time: Michigan drinking age used to be 18

  1. Thanks!! We were arguing the fact of the dates that it was legal to drink in Michigan and you helped who won!! Thanks again!!

  2. Being I graduated in 1972 and experienced the freedom I feel I have an inside scoop. Here it is. I think everyone should learn to drink before they are allowed to drive. This way we could identify a problem drinker before they get a license and kill themselves, fellow drinker or an innocent (sober or drunk) bystander.

  3. The reason the drinking age is where its at, and i believe it should be raised, is because too many kids are dying for a drink. Before the mid twenties your prefrontal cortex is not fully developed and it is in charge of making decisions and judgment. If you lower the drinking age then you will have more and more underdeveloped brains trying to act like adults. When you cant think things through properly you shouldn’t be allowed to drink peroid but not many people pay attention to things like this and they thing that because they are an adult gives them the right to do as they please but little do they know they are just making themselves stupid.

  4. Due partly to the concern over alcohol-related problems in schools and over highway traffic data depicting a rise in alcohol-related accidents among youth, the Legislature, in P.A. 92 and 94 of 1978, enacted statutes which raised the drinking age to 19 for a three-year trial period effective December 3, 1978. Then in November 1978 voters approved a petition to raise it to 21.

  5. I think the legal age for everything should be 25. Before that you cannot make mature, rational decisions, so you should not be able to drink, drive, own property or consent to sex in any form. This should be rigorously enforced.

  6. I think it should be 19 to drink everywhere if you think it should Be 25 then you obviously haven’t enjoyed life and sex age now is 16 to 18 in us depending on state

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