Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil

 “Ah that’s just drunk talk…sweet, beautiful drunk talk”

-Barney from The Simpsons

What does the TV show “Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil” have to do with beer? This weeks episode is Beer versus… lets say… “unwanted plant life in your yard”. (I know it’s idiotic but I’m not sure if the Monroe Evening News let me get away with even writing the name of it.) 

Anyhow, If you haven’t seen the show, Lewis Black is the judge/host. Two comedians argue about which of two topics is the down fall of civilization. The show is okay and the amount of laughs depends on which comedians are on that night. Next week should be real good. It is Greg Giraldo versus Patton Oswalt.

Arguing against beer this week is Andrew Daly. He is a funny comedian with a dry sense of humor and has some great lines about beer drinkers. Although the jokes are based on beer drinking stereotypes and none of the jokes hit close to home. Although the slam on Shawn MacGowen of the Pogues was a little rough and inaccurate. It was more likely “Streams of Whiskey” that caused his look and not beer. I’m more of the philosophizing Publican that likes to discuss why are we letting the fringes run our country and whatever happened to Olde Frothingslosh. It is still worth checking out. 


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  1. haha – I just got done watching that. I really liked the part where they went around on the street asking what was the best contribution Sam Adams had on this country… you can guess what everyones answers were!

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