Young’s Oatmeal Stout

Young’s Oatmeal Stout
Oatmeal Stout
5.2% ABV

A very sweet malty smell, almost syrupy. Pours a nice creamy thick head that sits around a while. This beer has an awesome taste to it. Roasted grains with a chocolate/coffee finish. Mouthfeel is a bit sharp up front, mild carbonation and finishes creamy and smooth.
I don’t know what I was expecting drinking this, but I was extremely surprised at my first taste of this beer. “Awesome” was the first words out of my mouth. The roasted grains really come through. A medium body to this beer makes it really drinkable. I only wish now I would have bought two of them.

Serving type: Bottle
Reviewed on: 02.06.08

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