Original Gravity Brewing Company in the news

Beer hobby ferments into heady business
By Charlie Slat – Monroe Evening News

MILAN – Mike O’Brien took a sip of amber liquid from what appeared to be an oversized test-tube, paused, and then a smile flickered across his face.
“It’s very good,” he said. “I could drink that.”
The liquid was the first batch of English bitter ale drawn from the fermenter at the Original Gravity Brewing Co., a microbrewery expected to open in about three weeks… (read more here)

*Photo above by: Dave MacPherson, Publisher of Discover Milan News

12 thoughts on “Original Gravity Brewing Company in the news

  1. Decided to drive by and see the building on my way home from IKEA this weekend… love the sign, can’t wait until it opens and I can grab a growler or two! =)

  2. Got an email from Brad this weekend. After he confirmed I was the 50th person to bug him about the opening.. 🙂 he said it’s going to be a couple more weeks. Guess we’ll have to sit tight a little longer.. what’s that saying…. good things come to those who wait?!

  3. The anticipation will make the opening even sweeter.

    If worst comes to worst, the grand opening will be pushed back a few more months and maybe I’ll actually get to enjoy a beer at their debut. 🙂

    But I’d rather see them open sooner rather than later.


  4. Just talked to Brad’s wife a couple days ago and she said that they are currently in inspections. Everything is ready to go once the inspections are over.

  5. I visited the ogbrewing.com website this morning and noticed that it says they are now open… is this true? If so, I hope they have a growler ready for me… I’d love to add yet another Michigan one to my collection. =)


    Monday – Saturday
    3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

    Original Gravity

  6. Yeah!!! They have finally opened and have the best beer around!!! The atmospehere is awesome, and their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly!!!

  7. Someone asked me if they had food so I was trying to find the site. Thought I’d say “Hey Robbie”.

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