Good Beer at Weddings

Maggie's wedding FunWell folks. It’s official. I’ve managed to emerge from “Maggie-land” for a moment to blog.  Not an easy task with a 7-week-old baby. Luckily for me she’s settling into a daytime routine and sleep a little bit more (without being held) during her naptimes so I can manage to accomplish at least a few non-baby related things throughout the day – including blogging every once in a while. (Although, it’s impossible to complete a post in one sitting. It took me two naptimes to complete just this short one.)

Weddings. Let’s face it… It’s rare to get good beer at a wedding reception. I have spent many a wedding  drinking Bud Light, Miller Lite or even Busch Light because it was the only thing available. I know, I know. Many of you will scoff. But come on. I bet we’ve all done it. After all, it’s impossible partake in YMCA or The Chicken Dance without a little social lubricant in your system…and desperate times call for desperate measures. However, a few weeks ago, my brother Josh got married in Indianapolis had two great craft beers on tap: Bell’s Oberon (a more palatable crowdpleaser) and Gumballhead from Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana. Gumballhead is a highly-hopped American wheat beer which I always mistook for an IPA.

What’s even better about having craft beer on tap at a wedding? Just as I’ve been forced to drink bad beer at many weddings, this time the tables were turned and Joe Sixpack (as Sarah Palin would say) was forced to drink good beer for a change. Okay, maybe not forced. He could probably still get Bud or Miller in a bottle. But I’m sure he was at least willing to give it a try because, after all, he didn’t have to pay for it.

Anyhow, Kudos to Josh for being brave and serving craft beer at his wedding celebration. Many people would play it safe and compromise their own taste in beer in order to please the lowest common denominator of palates. I hate to admit it but even Kevin and I played it safe when we got married four years ago and served (with exception to Guinness) Killians Irish Red and Labatt Blue.  We’ve talked about it since then and agreed that, to date, it’s the only regret we have about our marriage.  Not bad after four years. 🙂

By the way, the great photo about is from the wedding reception. It’s our darling Maggie  all pooped out after a long evening of partying with the relatives (being passed around throughout the night like a football.) And yes she is being posed with a mug of Gumballhead in her hand.  Hey don’t blame me. My mom (in the background) and my brother (whose thumb appears in the photo) were the guilty parties responsible for staging this debaucherous photo. You’ve gotta admit. It’s pretty darned cute.

Click here to see more great photos from my brother’s wedding. Debaucherous and non. Is debaucherous even a word?

3 thoughts on “Good Beer at Weddings

  1. A great time was had by all. I LOVE THAT MAGGIE!!

    In the Indiana Wheat (Red State) vs. Michigan Wheat (Blue State) debate, I’d like to announce that Gumballhead beat out Oberon in the amount that was drank that night. Of course we were in Indianapolis, if the wedding had been in Kalamazoo the results may have varied.

    I even believe that “Jack the plumber” (not Joe), my father, drank some Gumballhead that night!

  2. Glad to hear the baby is doing well. We could start a collaborative blog called “Babies & Beer”. I have plenty of staged pics of my kids getting sloshed. At my wedding I decided to let the pee-slammers have their beer while I demanded Two-Hearted ale for myself and who ever else enjoyed it. I figured I’d have a bunch of Two-Hearted left over but to my suprise the Two-Hearted was gone in a snap and all that was left was some yellow fizzy stuff. The world is a changin’.

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