New Brew Pub In Ann Arbor – Not

UPDATE: I stopped in here on Saturday and this is defiantly not a Brew Pub. They were very clear about not brewing beer (and pointed me down the street to Arbor), but they seemed a bit cagey about not being a brewpub. Maybe they are trying to put their own spin on the phrase “brew pub”. Their beer selection is all mass-market lager on tap and a little more in bottles.

A friend just tipped me off to this:

Fifth Quarter Brew Pub

The Middle Eastern-themed nightclub Oz in downtown Ann Arbor was replaced last month by The Fifth Quarter.

General manager Ben Buhr said the club is a brew pub in front and dance club in back. The entire place was gutted and remodeled. A restaurant will be built on the second floor with a pool hall, but that won’t likely open until sometime next summer.

Address: 210 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor.
Phone: 734-332-0200.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9 p.m.-2 a.m.; closed Sunday-Monday.

Interesting hours. As far as I know another brew pub called the Blue Tractor is also supposed to open in conjunction with Cafe Habana too.

13 thoughts on “New Brew Pub In Ann Arbor – Not

  1. Patti, I think the Blue Tractor is going to be the belgian brewery, by the same people that own Bastone. There is a Cafe Habana with Bastone too. Then AA would have the same number of breweries as Royal Oak.

  2. if this is a beer pub then Burger King is a steak house!!!
    a nice tap system but with mostly Bud and Miller products.
    Sorry…. Anchor Steam is not exotic!

  3. According to the AA News it’s supposed to be a *brew* pub not a beer pub, perhaps they don’t know the difference? Since I reported this, I’ll have to try to stop by sometime soon and check it out.

    Doug55, were you in the “brew pub” part or the dance club part?

  4. I did an update above, doug55 is right it’s no brew pub. Also it sounds like I might be wrong about the Blue Tractor being a Belgian brewery. Someone else told me the place they are working on at the corner of 5th and Division is going to be the new Belgian brewery.

  5. Blue Tractor is not the Belgian one. And yes, the corner of Liberty & Division is supposed to be a Belgian brewpub. I asked Duncan (brewer at Grizzly Peak, since both of these new places will have the same ownership as GP) about them. The brewery was installed at Blue Tractor last week. Fred, who used to be Duncan’s assistant, is going to be the brewer. They will also be making beer for Cafe Habana, next door. He said, from what he heard, the Belgian one is “a year off.”

  6. The “belgian one” across the street from Bar Louie will not be under the same ownership as Grizzly Peak, but probably have the same management company.
    That brewer really likes “talk like a pirate” day.

  7. Yeah, after I found out that the Belgian brewery was not the Blue Tractor, but yet another AA brewery, I gave up trying to figure out the affiliations.

  8. Blue Tractor is owned by the same group of investors as Grizzly Peak & Cafe Habana. I was the brewer until this morning, worked on recipes all summer with the owners’ encouragement. I did not know it, but the owner had a deal already
    on recipes with the salesman who sold them the used brewing equipment ( What a waste of my time). Turns out they just needed someone to install and repair all the junk they bought.

  9. Fred, that sucks. It seems like there are a lot of screwy things going on with new breweries coming to AA, I’m sorry you got caught up in it. I believe my wife stopped in and talked to you a few weeks ago, she said you seemed like a nice guy.

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