Kid Rock beer debuts tonight

Kid Rock rolls out his beer tonight


When Kid Rock takes the stage tonight at Comerica Park for the first of two Detroit shows, his music won’t be the only thing featured — so will his new beer.After a year of planning, Kid Rock’s American Badass Beer will be available for purchase for the first time and organizers hope concertgoers enjoy it…   (click here to read more)

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From what I hear, the beer is exclusive to concert goers this evening.  Kegs to be delivered next week, so expect to see it on tap soon.  Hopefully someone in Monroe will carry it as I’m anxious to try it – not so much for the “Kid Rock” label, but because one of my favorite Michigan Breweries brewed it (Michigan Brewing Co.).  I do think it’s a cool thing he had a local brewery make his beer.  Budweiser would have probably jumped on the idea.. (I’m picturing “Bad Frog” beer in my head right now)..    Anyhow, when it comes to Monroe, I’ll post something here.

6 thoughts on “Kid Rock beer debuts tonight

  1. I went to the concert last night so I had to try a BadAss. I thought it was better than I was expecting. It kind of reminded me of a filtered Oberon.

    I had another pleasant find with with Forans/GT on Woodward. You should check it out sometime. They feature Michigan Microbrews:

  2. A group of six of us went to the concert friday and after drinking bud light at the pre-concert festivities we all tried the badass beer at the concert. Definitely more flavor than the bud, lots of corn in flavor and aroma,malty sweetness,low hops. 4 out of our 6 liked it.

  3. Thanks Kevin. Great review. Foran’s is a neat place. I have walked by that place dozens of times and did not realize that it was there.

    I see that you reference the Pickle Barrel Inn in that post. I always wanted to try that place. Is it still open? I thought I heard that it closed.

    First I need to check out Original Gravity.

    I love the Blog.

  4. The Pickle Barrel is, indeed, closed. It is now a BBQ place and we’ve been there once. Didn’t notice that they had anything outstanding on tap. I recently heard, from Mary Halfpenny, that TPB had been a good place for decent beer, and that they used to carry the Michigan Beer Guide there. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that when they were open… We live just a couple miles away.

  5. Thanks Michelle.

    Stopped by Oak Cafe and they have Bad Ass beer on tap. I tried another one. This one seemed more watered down then the one that I had at the concert.

    I switched over to the doppelbock for a little more flavor.

    It was the first place that I found Bad Ass and I wanted to give folks a head up.

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