Michigan Brewers Guild Upper Peninsula Beer Festival

What: Michigan Brewers Guild Upper Peninsula Oktoberfest
Where: Marquette, MI
When: September 12, 2009

Details are still sketchy about the UP beer fest in September, however we did receive word from Scott Graham (Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild) today.   Scott confirmed that they have set a date and location for the “Michigan Brewers Guild Oktoberfest.”
“We will be moving forward with this rapidly after the Summer Festival.” Scott confirmed in an email today.    “There is a possibility that we could run into hurdles with this but I don’t anticipate any roadblocks. There is still a lot of work to do to get it together and we will need to get our promotional materials going very soon.”    More info was reported on the Craft Beer in Michigan Yahoo group earlier this week (link).
It sounds like this will be something similar to the summer/winter festivals, where attendees can taste various samples of Michigan brewed beer.   Hopefully, for the sake of UP beer fans, this becomes an annual event.  We’ll keep everyone posted as we hear the news on this event.   Thanks to Scott for getting back to me so quickly.

Scott and the rest of the members of the Michigan Brewers Guild have been hard at work organizing and promoting the annual Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival, which takes place on Friday and Saturday, July 24th and 25th in Ypsilanti, MI.

10 thoughts on “Michigan Brewers Guild Upper Peninsula Beer Festival

  1. I live in marquette and would love to here more on this event. if anyone can share info on the location that would be great. thanks

  2. I am super excited for this being I’m from Marquette and can’t make it down to the festival in Ypsi this summer. I hope to see some of you downstaters up here with beer all over your faces.!!!

  3. Ha, no that is not what I was suggesting. Makes me think of an old memory though. We coined the phrase up here “Viking Drinking”. It’s when you walk into a bar and order a mug of piss beer and just pour it all over your face, pay for it and walk out. Sounds stupid but it’s funny as hell to watch. LOL

  4. from the MBG site: http://www.mbgmash.org/?p=209

    We have been getting a great response to this event so far and we are really looking forward to it. Tickets should be available on our website by the end of this week and a list of any ticket outlets will be posted here on the MASH. Below is a list of the breweries that will be participating in the UP Festival. As I get their beer lists I will add them to this post.

    Arcadia Brewing Co.
    Big Buck Brewery
    Blue Tractor BBQ and Brewery
    Dark Horse Brewing Co.
    Detroit Beer Co.
    Dragonmead Microbrewery
    Founders Brewing Co.
    Hereford and Hops
    Jasper Ridge Brewery
    Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
    Keweenaw Brewing Co.
    Lake Superior Brewing Co.
    Leelanau Brewing Co.
    Library Bar and Restaurant
    The Livery
    New Holland Brewing Co.
    North Peak Brewing Co.
    Red Jacket Brewing Co.
    Right Brain Brewery
    Rochester Mills Beer Co.
    Royal Oak Brewery
    Shorts Brewing Co.
    The Vierling Marquette Harbor Brewery

  5. Just printed our tickets off. Deb and I will be driving up from Dundee. Can’t wait to cross the bridge and drink like a viking!

  6. Anyone out of town interested the best beer bars in town are Upfront (where you’ll see my huge a$$ at the door) with Bells, KBC, Guiness and more on tap as well as Stone, Shorts and more in the cooler. The Vierling is good, but only concentrate on their own beers and close early. Stucko’s has a wide variety of KBC on tap, and The Wooden Nickel has bottles of Samuel Smiths and Flying Dog available.

    We are finally getting some California craft beer up here, but it seems that the only store smart enough to jump aboard is White’s on Third Street (they sell cigars as well, a good stop for the beer lover).

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