Summer Beer Festival Brewery List

The last weekend of this month  is the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival. For the beer geek, this is our equvalent to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Coincidentally this year, both days of the festival  fall on the 24th and 25th but I Summer Beer Festival 2009doubt that could make it seem any more festive. Let’s face it. How can you get more festive than almost 50 of some of Michigan’s best breweries. Especially when the breweries not only bring their usual arsenal of great tasting beer but they also bring beer especially brewed for this events.

Today, the MBG released the brewery list at One of my favorite new places , Liberty Street Brewing Co., will be making their first appearance at the festival. I also look forward to the smaller breweries that I don’t get to very often like The Livery, Hideout, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., Dragonmead Microbrewery and Copper Canyon. Sadly, Fort Street won’t be there this year. I am always excited to see what they have brewing.

If you save the aforementioned link, the MBG will release the complete beer list approximately a week before the event.

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  1. I bought my ticket a few days ago. This will be my third year of attendance. I’m very, very excited, as I’m sure most beer geeks around here are. I wait anxiously all year for this event!!

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