Top ten hop varieties used by American craft brewers

By Charlie Papazian – Beer Examiner
America’s small and independent craft brewers claim only 4% of the volume of beer enjoyed in the U.S.  But taking a look at how they brew and what they brew one quickly realizes that they account for close to 20% of the hops used in the U.S.

U.S. craft brewers use exclusively all whole or pelletized (hops milled to course powder and compressed into “pellets”) hops.  The world’s international brewing groups are not interested in the flavor and aroma nuances of hops as much as small brewers, hence large brewing corporations continue to turn to hop extracts (liquid extract primarily composed of hop bitter compounds)….   (click here to read more)

One thought on “Top ten hop varieties used by American craft brewers

  1. I totally agree with Charlie on the use of Simcoe. I just did an IPA that is fantastic using all Simcoe in the late and dry additions. I have it on good authority (the head brewer from 3 floyds) that they pair well with Fuggles too.

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