You Bitter? Yep. Bit Him Too.

JULES: What’d they call it?

VINCENT: They call it Royale with Cheese.

JULES: Royale with Cheese….

– Pulp Fiction

Since we had a birthday party to go to last night we decided to bring a beer that is closer to home to share with the revelers: a growler of Fort Street’s Fort StreetRoyale Extra Special Bitter.  To make a long story short: Sarah, her Dad and I finished it off before anyone else could get any. The only problem is that a growler doesn’t fit in the Advent beer tube. The tube is nice because one of us is surprised about the beer we are about to drink. Also, we didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the beer before it was all gone.

Fort Street has some great beers and if you can make it on a Thursday you will have the opportunity to drink one of Doug Beedy’s small batches. He has currently brewed 346 different beers in under 5 years. That’s amazing!   If you plan to go shopping on Eureka Road and you have had it with the traffic and Christmas, Fort Street is a great oasis. It is only a ten minute drive from holiday madness to great craft beer.

I bought this growler of Royale ESB about a week ago and it held up great. Here is the descritption from the website: “An English Extra Special Bitter Style.  Very mild.  Slightly fruity, with typical English hop flavor and moderate bitterness.  A quintessential session beer! ABV= 4.75%  IBU’s= 35”

The appearance of this beer is dark copper with an off-white head that lingers just enough. The aroma is lightly hoppy but I also notice some nuttiness. The taste and mouth-feel are both very pleasing. The beer has a medium bitterness to it that quickly bites your tongue. It does not overwhelm the rest of the beer leaving it perfectly balanced with the malts. Sarah and I both got some nuttiness and hints of fruit along with a bready taste. The beer has a medium body and feels good on the tongue

This beer is it is a great example of the style. I believe if you want a good ESB you need to go to the local brewery to get it because that beer will taste fresher and better than any bottled import. The ESB is one of my favorite beer styles. Doug is right when he says it is a great session beer. Can’t wait for our next “session” at Fort Street.

2 thoughts on “You Bitter? Yep. Bit Him Too.

  1. Whenever I see a Pulp Fiction reference, I am compelled to share that I have a wallet that says Bad Motherf*#$%&? on it.

    Oh, and the beer sounds good, too 🙂

  2. You definitely have better luck at Fort Street than I ever have. I really want to like the place, but in my half-dozen or so trips there I haven’t had anything that makes me want to come back.

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