Farmers Market at Original Gravity

Back before prohibition, most small towns had their own brewery. Monroe was no different. Our big brewery was Wahl Brewing. In the oral history at the library there were many stories about how Wahl  was not just a brewery but a vital part of the community. One story is from a woman who tells  how she would push a wheel barrel from Dunbar and South Dixie to the brewery to buy malt. It is almost a two mile hike,  she said that the hard part was walking back home with a  wheelbarrow  full of malt.

The craft beer industry is bringing back that sense of communtity. A great example is what Original Gravity will be doing every Thursday. After  a weather delay last week , OG will be having a farmers market on the brewery’s patio. It will run from 4pm to 7pm. Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables will drinking some beer. Best of all you will be supporting local farmers from Milan while supporting a local brewery.

Original Gravity Farmers Market
EVERY Thursday

3 thoughts on “Farmers Market at Original Gravity

  1. Stopped in for the farmers market yesterday and of course I had to have a pint as I shopped. Nice selection of produce,plants,eggs and great beer. My wife and I are into all things homemade and homegrown, what a better group to hang out with. Great idea Brad.

  2. I hope to make it sometime soon…it’s a great idea! The Corner does something similar and it’s always a great time 🙂
    I hope the next BBQ has those baked beans that I love…..

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