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I found these small filler articles in the newspaper and thought they were worth sharing. I imagine that they were put in the paper to fill a few inches of empty space much like the old David Letterman bit called “Network Time Killers.” Only one has to do with the amended Volstead Act but they are interesting. I’m also adding an explanation of a 1933 cost breakdown of a glass of beer.

The first one I am sharing with you is about a man “accidentally” getting locked in a train car. Can you imagine being locked in a freight car and your only subsidence is 6oo cases of your favorite beer. I can. It is why I always carry a bottle opener on my key chain. In my head it would be a variety of cases from Founder’s. But something goes wrong and I brake my glasses just like Burgess Meredith did in that one Twilight Zone episode. Except in my case it would be beer glasses not reading glasses and my only recourse would be to drink out of the bottle causing me to not  fully enjoy my beer.

Enforced Prisoner Samples the Beer

Waterloo, Iowa, April 26 – In some way Walter Johnson of Milwaukee was locked up in a boxcar with 600 cases of beer, as a train was leaving Milwaukee.

It was two nights later that he was finally released, apparently none the worse for his experience. He admitted sampling some of the product in route to Waterloo, said Jack Bellinger, president of the company to which the cargo was billed.

The next two stories are about beer and the White House. I imagine that during the beer summit a lot of people sent beer to President Obama. It crossed my mind.

Beer Not Barred In White House

Washington, April 3– Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt today issued a statement saying there would be no ban against legalized beer in the White House.

Questions brought out that Mrs. Roosevelt had no intention of permitting beer to be served in the White House until the beer bill for the District of Columbia is enacted.

Roosevelt Bomb Only a Beer Mug

Wilmington, Del. March 29 – A heavy, carefully-wrapped package addressed to President Roosevelt caused a bomb scare in the Wilmington post office.

Handling the bundle gingerly, an employee carried it to Postmaster Abrahams who, seeing his duty, opened it – and removed a one pint copper beer mug. It was repacked and forwarded to Washington.

Here is a small story involving what I can best decribe as an “activist judge” (I jokingly call him that because he does not agree with my point of view.) Obviously I don’t agree with his opinion but his argument makes sense. You can get drunk off of 3.2 beer. Why else would anyone drink Natural Light.

Judge Calls 3.2 law Unconstitutional

Greeley, Colo. May 12– Sweeping aside the opinions of some of the ablest constitutional lawyers in Congress, who aided in drafting the 3.2 percent beer bill, district Judge Claude C. Coffin has declared its passage in violation of the Constitution.

In his decision yesterday, which denied the Greeley Elks Club and Fr0ed N. Fetch, cafe owner, a writ of mandamus which they sought to compel the Greeley city council to issue beer permits. Judge Coffin said the Congressional declaration that 3.2 beer is non-intoxicating is contrary to the “generally known physical facts.”

Fetch said he may appeal the decision.

Congress by legislative action, might state that gasoline is non inflammable but that does not keep it from “burning” the judge said.

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