Harvest Fest at Fort Street Brewing

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Below are the details for the Harvest Fest at Fort Street Brewing straight from Doug’s keyboard. Of all the Fort Street events this one is my personal favorite. Fantastic local specials and great beer makes it worth the trip.

This Wednesday through Saturday (Sep. 29 – Oct. 2) is our 4th annual Harvest Fest.  It’s a celebration of the Michigan harvest.  Being one of the leading agricultural states in the country, we have a lot to offer!  We’ll run a special menu all week of Michigan grown foods and Michigan inspired recipes.  More on the food later.
Let’s talk about beer!  I have seven new beer to tap this week!  Who’s the beer man?  I’m the beer man!  Two new beers on Wednesday, two on Thursday, one on Friday, two on Saturday.  Beers will be tapped at 8ish p.m. each night.
On Wednesday, we’ll have “Funky Pumpkin”, which is made with pumpkin, molasses, pumpkin pie spices, and fermented with wild yeast.  Also on tap is our 14th edition of “Build a Beer”.  This is the world-famous beer made with random ingredients drawn from a hat.  This time, we drew ingredients with a harvest theme, including heather honey and peppers fresh-picked from our garden.
Thursday brings “Dave’s Hop Farm IPA”, which is a wet-hop ale made with hops fresh-picked from Dave’s Hop Farm, located on the west side of Lincoln Park.  We’ll also tap that damn Oktoberfest beer that you keep bugging me about.  You don’t know anything about Oktoberfest beers, so I’ll just tell you that this is what they’re supposed to taste like.  I’ll also tell you that while I brewed it, I wore lederhosen, spoke German, ate spaetzel, and conversed with large-breasted women wearing dirndls!
On Friday, we’ll tap “Obewan’s Hop Saison”.  This is a French-style ale made with fresh-picked hops grown by John Oberhausen on the east side of Lincoln Park.
Saturday’s grand finale brings “Honey Dipped Apple Ale”, which is made with blueberry honey and apples from Michigan.  Also, “Cup O’ Cassava Citra”, which is the world’s first gluten-free wet-hopped ale.  It’s gluten-free and absolutely delicious.  You could expect to see such celiac-suffering celebrities as Mickey Redmond, The Duchess of Kent, Terrence Stamp, and officials from the Guinness Book of Records, in attendance.
Every night we’ll have fabulous prizes, big fun, adorable new-born puppies, famous people who will pretend to be your friend if you come, candy, and police officers who’ll arrest you if you don’t come.

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