Keweenaw Brewing Company expands, releases new beer

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If you’re not familiar with Keweenaw Brewing Company (and orange cans), they’re currently the only brewery in the Upper Peninsula that distributes.  Based in Houghton, you can find their four canned beers almost anywhere in Michigan and Wisconsin:  Pick Axe Blonde, Lift Bridge Brown, Widowmaker Black, and Red Jacket Amber.  They recently announced that they’re adding a fifth beer to their distribution portfolio, Ore Dock Scottish Ale.  In order to facilitate this, of course they had to expand their production capabilities.  Here’s what co-owner Paul Boissevain had to say about the beer and expansion:

Olde Ore Dock is a traditional Scottish ale.  It’s a darker beer that
focuses on malt color and flavor with hops being almost imperceptible.
This ale, aged with American  Oak, finishes crisp and a wee bit sweet.
For those familiar with our taproom, this is our brew that formerly
went by the name 36 Shilling Scottish Ale

This will be the fifth can release for the KBC  This puts in the top
ten microbreweries in the country with five or more varieties out in
cans..  As with all our canned ales, this one is also at the lighter
end of the style, ~5% ABV and under 15 IBUs.  As always, our goal is
to get people to take beer with them into the great outdoors, whether
on the boat, around the campfire, or only as far as the hot tub in the

We recently installed a new 100 BBL Fermenter and 100 BBL Brite tank
to handle the production of this additional beer at our South Range
facility.  We should have our first batch of Ore Dock ready to go when
our new cans show up at the end of the month.  We hope to start
shipping the first week in February.

So there you have it.  I’ve tried this beer on several different occasions since it’s one that they usually bring to festivals.  It’s basically a “session Scottish” as opposed to the 7%+ malt bombs normally associated with the style.  That said, it’s well worth grabbing a sixer to try out!

3 thoughts on “Keweenaw Brewing Company expands, releases new beer

  1. Maybe this will be the first Scottish Ale I’ll like, but I have doubts. I do find it interesting to see a Scottish session beer, so definitely give it a try if I have the chance. Does Keweenaw have any plans to start distributing in Indiana?

  2. They’re already expanding quite a bit annually. Production went from 3790 to 5420 barrels in 2009-2010. I’d say that it might happen eventually, but not likely any time soon.

  3. Sounds good, I have had a couple of different beers from the brewing company and they consistently brew quality products. Their last seasonal was delicious, one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to purchasing a 6 pack.

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