Original Gravity to Host Michigan Beer Toast

Title: Michigan Beer Toast
Location: Original Gravity in Milan
Start Time: 6pm
Date: May 11, 2011

Just so I don’t bury the lead in this story, Original Gravity will be releasing a Bourbon Barrel Bellywasher on May 11 at 6pm. This beer is their 2009 Bellywasher Scotch Ale that has been aged for 15 months in a bourbon barrel. Why is Brad releasing this special beer on that particular night? Because that night is the Michigan Beer Toast.

What is the Michigan Beer Toast? Michigan was the first state to ratify the 21st Amendment on April 10, 1933 which would lead to the eventual end of prohibition.  Yet, it was going to take 35 more states to ratify the amendment and no one was really sure how long that process would take. America was thirsty and Washington realized that it was much easier to amend  The Volstead Act by changing the allowed percentage of alcohol from .5 to 3.2 by weight. It was still up to each state to pass similar legislation to sell legal 3.2 beer. Michigan did just that and designated  May 11, 1933 at 6pm as the exact time when legal beer could be purchased again.

This toast celebrates the men and women who worked to reclaim our right to drink beer and the breweries that make Michigan the great beer state.

Plus every Wednesday night is the Original Gravity Farmer’s Market. Shop while you toast. Below are the details…

Wednesdays – Original Gravity Farmer’s Market!!
Fresh beer, fresh vegetables and more!
Zilke Vegetable Farms will be at OG starting on 4/6/11. The market will be held on Wednesdays thru the growing season from 5-7pm. The early harvest includes lettuces, greens, cabbage, etc…Other items include herbs and incredible hand-made soaps from Garden Girl Soaps.
Also, fresh baked beer bread using OG beers from Erie Bread Company will available by the loaf

3 thoughts on “Original Gravity to Host Michigan Beer Toast

  1. I will try to be there…remember how I have to miss the event on Friday b/c I’m getting the girls from camp? Well I’m taking them early Wednesday morning. I want a Teacher of the Month sticker for this, btw. 🙂

  2. 2010 or 2011? this is cool, I didn’t know that MI was the first to ratify. I’ll be sure to have an Oberon after work.

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