UP Festival: Keweenaw Brewing

Earlier this week I sent Q & A emails about the upcoming UP Fall Festival  to some of the UP breweries. I quickly received an email back from Keweenaw Brewing.

Everyone should be familiar with this brewery. They were the trend setters that have been selling their beer in cans for years making it my solution to the no bottles on the docks rule where my parents dock their boat. The cans also fit easier in those tiny refrigerators. Factor that in with the taste and that is why Pick Axe Blonde is one of my favorite summer beers.

Thanks to Paul Boissevain for taking time out of his day and replying to my email.

What beers are you bringing to the festival? We will bring in cans:
  • Pick Axe Blonde
  • Red Jacket Amber
  • Lift Bridge Brown
  • Widow Maker Black
  • Olde Ore Dock Scotish

On tap we will have:

  • Solstice Hefeweizen
  • An IPA, though we are still deciding which to bring.

If someone could only try one of your beers what beer would you want them to try? I would want someone to try the Widowmaker Black Ale first. It is a unquely light flavored beer for its black color, filled with notes of smoky molasses with a very light hop finish. While there are a huge number of very good Blondes, Ambers and Browns out there in the Michigan market, this is a unique beer with not much else out there like it.

What is your brewing philosophy? Right on our can: turning beer drinkers into craft beer lovers. All our canned beers are on the light side of Micros, 5% ABV and less than 20 IBU’s. These are brewed as session beers, meant for drinking all through a long hot afternoon on the beach, or a cold evening around a campfire. Good drinking anytime, but being glass free, we are especially welcome in the great outdoors that Michigan has to offer.

What do you want us trolls to know about your Brewery? Our Brewery n Houghton, taproom and small batch experiments, is just a nice place to come drink with friends: outdoors in the summer or around the fireplace in the Winter. Just ask anyone you may know from Michigan Tech.

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