Night of the Tasty Beer

It’s Halloween!  And if you like classic horror flicks and great and unique craft beer then Original Gravity in Milan is where you want to be Saturday. The beer is a small batch release called Pumpkin Gingerbread Ale. It is a brown ale brewed with pumpkin pies spices, ginger, vanilla beans and molasses.

The movie is the cult zombie classic, “Night of the Living Dead”. I love zombie movies! Especially since vampires have jumped the shark in the last few years. They are walking around brooding with six pack abs in love triangles with werewolves. Werewolves are the Curly Joe Besser of the movie monster world who should be no contest. While vampire movies are playing to the 17 magazine crowd, zombies have have taken over. Movies like “Planet terror”, “28 Days Later”, “Shaun of the Dead”,” Zombieland” and “Bubba Ho-Tep” have been handing vampires their brains for lunch. Mmm… brains! And “Night of the living Dead” is in the grandfather of them all. It’s a great horror film with just enough camp to make it fun to see with a crowd.

Here are the event details.

Brew and Scary Movie Night!!
Come enjoy a glass of our latest Small Batch creation “Pumpkin Gingerbread Ale” and checkout the 1968 Zombie Classic “Night of the Living Dead”!
Small batch on tap @ 6pm, movie starts @ 8pm.

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