Hopslam In Monroe

Some people think of Friday the 13th with a sense of doom fearing that something bad is lirking right around the corner. I on the other hand am looking forward to Hopslam arriving in Monroe today knowing that four of my five senses will be very happy tonight.
I found out that kegs are arriving today at McGeady’s and Harbor Inn & Ale. I talked to the owner of HIA and he said that it will be on tap today.
Bottles will be showing up in stores so look for them at Jake’s and Foodtown.

One thought on “Hopslam In Monroe

  1. Hopslam update: It will be on tap at MeGeady’s after the Arrogant Bastard runs out. It is at Monroe Liquor Plaza for 14.99 a six pack. I will be opening mine after Maggie goes to sleep.

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