When You’re Beer, You’re Family

Monroe has spoken. Every time my fellow citizens gather to discuss what Monroe needs to make it a better city the number one answer is an Olive Garden. But at least one voice pushes through the oil soaked endless iceberg lettuce bowl to say microbrewery. The real question is with around 250 breweries in Michigan why is there not one in Monroe?

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In the past Monroe supported two to three breweries and was the wine capital of Michigan. We live in a different world from that one. Supporting local was a necessity not a slogan. Still, it is hard to believe that Monroe couldn’t support a brewery today.

Over the years I have asked local business owners about having a brewery in Monroe. Here are a few of the answers I have heard; it’s a trend, it’s too much of a niche market and Monroe isn’t that type of town. Of course, I disagree with all of these statements. One business owner told me I live in a craft beer bubble. He is right but that bubble is expanding. In the time it took you to read this paragraph three breweries have probably opened in Kalamazoo alone.

Whenever we talk about a brewery in Monroe we get to where would we like to see one. I have been wanting to do a post about the best brewery location in Monroe for years now. Meanwhile, I have seen the best spaces of my generation razed to make room for drug stores and historical sites, subdivided into insurance offices or cellular shops. So I have finally decided to do something about it. Introducing MIbeerbuzz’s Featured Brewery Site. I will highlight a different property I feel would make a great brewery. Do I expect anyone to take my suggestion and open a brewery? No, absolutely not but it will be fun to dream of what that space can be. Just like when you and your coworkers buy a lottery ticket and spend a day talking about what you would do with your winnings. If worse comes to worse we could always build it out of Olive Garden breadsticks. Lets find out if they are truly unlimited.

4 thoughts on “When You’re Beer, You’re Family

  1. I absolutely agree that Monroe is a great place for a brewery. I was approached by a gentleman a few years ago about this very thing after ordering a stout at a local watering hole. I consider myself a beer aficionado and have been for many years. Jake’s in Monroe being my go to for good beer I think it is time for Monroe to have a good craft beer brewery. There are plenty of other locals who will agree with me.

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