Bring a Beer and I’ll Salivate

The founders of Temperance, Michigan – so inspired by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union that they named their fledgling community after it – would be shocked to learn that their beloved town is now the hotbed of Monroe County’s beer scene. The once dry city has The Liquor Cabinet, one of the best beer stores in SE Michigan, and Forest View Lanes, a bowling alley with an insane craft beer menu. What really would have the bun stranglers in a tizzy is that their hamlet is now the home to Pavlov’s Brewing Company, Monroe County’s newest microbrewery! Huzzah!

I visited Pavlov’s last Saturday. The brewery was constructed in an old bank and has a really nice space inside. I was impressed with the variety of beer they offered. There was something for everyone on the menu. They offer four pour flights or you can order taste by the beer. I thought the best of the four was Submission, a hefeweizen that was really well balanced with some fruit flavor. I also enjoyed Stinkeye which is their IPA. I liked it enough to take a growler home. Bringing home a growler to my wife makes me feel like a hunter/gatherer. I was really impressed with their beer considering how young the place is.

I will be curious to see how they utilize their space in the future.Okay, I’m just throwing out some ideas. It’s an old bank. I want to fill out my flight sheet with a pen on a chain so I can’t steal it. Also, it would be great to pull up to the drive-through and have howlers delivered through the pneumatic tubes. And I want to have a rye malt variation of their Stickeye called Stinkrye. Sorry, I love puns.

I’m really excited about having another brewery here in Monroe County. Better yet, I am thrilled that I love the place. Seriously, make the trip down to Temperance to visit Pavlov’s. It’s worth it. Just let me know and I will try to meet up with you.

For a Toledo Blade article on Pavlov’s click here.



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