Featured Microbrewery Site: The Old Fire Station

To quote Lyle Lanley, “a town with money is like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how  he got it and dang if he knows how to use it”. Well the same can be said for a vacant building. While the fire department eagerly awaits their new building, city leaders are debating what to do with their soon to be vacant downtown fire station.

A 50 unit apartment complex is what the city leaders are currently mulling over. Monroe needs more housing as much as it needs a monorail. What this town really needs is a brewery. A place that people will drive in from Dundee, Flat Rock or Erie to visit just like they did when we had downtown stores like Kline’s. A destination that brings outsiders in to not only visit the brewery but also other surrounding businesses. When we visit Tecumseh Brewing Company we also visit Boulevard Market, Spotted Cow and many other of their downtown stores..

The old fire station is ugly. If a garage had a baby with a jiffy pop container this is what it would look like, I have never seen a building that looks like this one any where else. This is it’s charm. A building so uniquely weird looking  it would stand apart from any brewery in Michigan. Let’s not tear down another building perfect for a brewery like The Armory or the old paper mill offices. Let’s save and sell to the right business man to develop a brewery.

I have tried to find information about this building. There is not a lot about it online. I can’t find the square feet but it has two floors and it’s big enough to fit three 50 ft ladder trucks with room to spare. It was built in 1969. That is pretty young for a building. The first floor is brick. I have no idea what the UFO sitting on top of it is made of but I am sure it’s space age.

I know this is a lost cause. They will tear down this building to replace it with some generic looking town houses that will be partially occupied. And Monroe will lose another unique space that could have been repurposed for something special. Maybe this idea not for us. It’s more of a Frenchtown idea.

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