A Dive into Great Lakes’ Beer Menu


On Sunday I decided to take the family out to lunch. When choosing where to eat I always ask myself do they have a good beer menu? Then I remembered that we hadn’t been to Great Lakes Eatery and Pub in Dundee in a few months. With ten taps dedicated to Michigan beer Great Lakes has a lot of great choices and definitely fits my criteria of places to eat.

The current beer list is a nice mix that included a pale ale, blonde, brown, oatmeal stout, IPA and cider. I went for the Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock. It is such a comfortable beer in your mouth with a smooth malty sweetness and a coffee bitterness. It’s an amazing tasting beer. In a beer menu filled with my favorites Perkulator is “a little more favorite.”

It makes for easy dining decisions when there are places like Great Lakes that care about supporting Michigan. It helps when the food is good.

Great Lakes is located off of I-23 in Dundee right in front of Cabelas.

Pete’s Garage’s New Beer Menu

I am excited to see that Pete ‘s Garage has added more taps and a brand new beer menu that includes Michigan beer. They did a nice job of getting a nice mix of beer too.
This is a good thing for Monroe and my daughter. She loves sitting in their car booths and I love boycotting places that don’t serve Michigan beer so this solves a big problem for us.
Thanks to Pete’s for creating a better eating experience for us beer geeks.


A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to Monroe County

It can be tough to live in a small town that seemingly doesn’t care for craft beer as a whole. At least as a resident you know where to go for good beer but what is a visitor to do? There are a lot of good sites that will help you find where to go but I have found that my hometown Monroe is not always covered well. This is where our new sidebar comes in. I am hoping it will help people find their way to the bars and restaurants that care about supporting local breweries.

I have been wracking my brain on how to promote bars and restaurants that support local beer since we started this blog years ago. I was stuck on the angle of blasting places that don’t support local beer by name but I have decided to go positive by giving credit to places that get it. Ranting about someone’s beer selection doesn’t help anyone.

Here is the list of bars/restaurants that serve Michigan beer as of this post. If you know of any I missed please let me know.

Oh and yes there are people who visit Monroe. We have the River Raisin National Battlefield Park which is nearing it’s bicentennial and we are the home of General George Armstrong Custer. We even had President Clinton pass the baton to Al Gore here to kick-off the Gore campaign. So if you want to lose in a monumental way this is a great place to visit or make your home.


Great Beer at Great Baraboo

<div class=\"postavatar\">Great Beer at Great Baraboo</div>

Before our most recent “beer trip”,  I facebooked about it.  I am so glad that I did because my friend, (and head brewer at Arbor Brewing Company AND winner of Best in Show at the World Expo of Beer) Bill Gerds, suggested that we stop at the Great Baraboo in Clinton Township.

Way way way back in the day (before I met Jeff, before I came to Ann Arbor, before I wisely gave up the practice of law), some friends and I went to the Great Baraboo.  I had no idea what “craft beer” was and certainly had no inkling of the role it would eventually play in my life.  At the time, all I knew was that beer was just something you drank because it was cold and—not gonna lie—got you buzzed.  I couldn’t actually say as I knew the taste of beer because all I had ever drank was “cold”.  I do not remember my impressions of the Great Baraboo except that I probably thought the beer was odd because it had actual flavor, instead of just the lovely flavor of corny ice that so many macrobrews have.

Given my current knowledge of craft beer, I was excited to make my triumphant return.  The first thing I realized was that I like my pubs dark.  I had never thought about it before but I realized that the atmosphere of the Baraboo was perfect—sports games on television and dim lights.  I think there would have been natural light—which is okay in a bar but not in a beer SNAP!—had it not been pouring rain outside.

Jeff and I got the sampler, which started with the Sharktooth Bay Golden Ale.  I considered this to be the “gateway” beer of the place and found it crisp and light bodied.

The next beer was the Snake Eye Canyon Red Ale and it was scrumdiddilyicious!  It was malty and roasty with a long lasting, creamy finish.  Quite honestly, this was one of the best finishes I ever had in a beer…absolutely excellent.

Next was the King’s Peak Caribou Wheat, which was an American wheat.  American wheats don’t have the strong banana and clove taste that a German Hefe might have…it is much more mellow. It was made with a 50/50 blend of wheat and barley and therefore did not have that “harsh” wheat taste that I often talk about.  Nice, solid beer.

Boston Blackstone Porter came next and it was another standout for me.  According to the menu, this recipe came from a recipe that the owner’s family brewed during Prohibition.  It was creamy, toasty and had a full body.  Excellent example of a porter style beer.

The Hoppy Heartland Pale Ale was a classic pale ale that I found to be sweeter than the other beers, with hints of caramel and some fruity/floral notes from the hops.  Delicious!

The IPA was the “special” beer that day and was awesomely balanced in that it wasn’t overly malty and not overly bitter.  It did have a bitter finish which was quite refreshing.  Nice floral hops nose.

I always like to look at special events coming up in pubs and noticed something that I had never seen before—an upcoming ladies’ night with a Coach purse giveaway.  The only designer things I really like in this life are Coach purses and so this caught my eye right away.  I’m sure some ladies would object to this on principle but not me, sweetie pea.

If a bar was looking to get more girls in and spending money, this would be one way to do it.  Fortunately for me, the beer was so good that I would go back in a heartbeat; the free Coach purse would just be the icing on the—er, the foam on the beer!

Ashley’s – Who’s Your Bastard Night/Founders vs. Stone

I received the flyer below about this Founders vs. Stone event happening at both Ashley’s Locations (Ann Arbor and Westland).

The Deets:

Tuesday Jan 26th Who’s Your Bastard Night/Founders vs. Stone

Join us for this epic battle and be sure to place your vote for the best Bastard in the business.

An event so BIG, we got both Ashley’s locations involved.

Founders Beers
Dirty Bastard
Backwoods Bastard
Flappy Sappy Bastard
(plus 8 other drafts and a firkin of Red’s Rye)

Stone Beers
Double Bastard
Arrogant Bastard
Oaked Arrogant Bastard
(plus 7 other Stone drafts and 3 bottles)

Fortunately, Michelle got an e-mail from Gary, at Rave, with more details about the Westland event. They seem to be burying the lead. They are going to have the Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter! This beer is very rare in Michigan. http://blog.stonebrew.com/?tag=coconut-porter

Here is the info from Gary’s e-mail:

Tuesday Jan 26th 7-? Who’s Your Bastard Night/Founders vs. Stone

Draft Hand of Doom: Imperial IPA aged in Oak/Whiskey Barrels 10.4%
Draft Double Trouble: Double IPA 9.4%
Draft Dirty Bastard: Scottish Syle Ale 8.3%
Bottle Red’s Rye
Bottle Centenial IPA

Draft Vertical Epic 09/09/09: Belgian style porter with spices 8.5%
Draft Sublimely Self Righteous: Black IPA 8.7%
Draft Double Bastard: American strong ale IBU 100+ 10%
Draft Oaked Arrogant Bastard: Oaked American strong ale 7.2%
Bottle (Stone Collaboration) Kona Coffee, Macadamia Coconut Porter 8.5%
Bottle (Stone Collaboration) Juxtaposition Black Pilsner 10%

Note that both Ashley’s Locations do seem to be having an event but they seem to be a bit different in beer selection and start times. The first beer list seems to apply just to AA and has a start time of 5 PM. The second list seems to be just for Westland and starts at 7 PM.

It makes sense that the AA location would have more draft selections. I imagine the AA event will have all, or most, of the selections as Westland, but I’m grateful to have the extra detail from Gary about the Westland event (which is where I’ll likely be).

The flyer (seems to be mostly for AA):


Harbor Inn & Ale to Serve Original Gravity

This post is aimed specifically at people in Monroe and MTers.

At lunch on Saturday, November 15, I was told that Original Gravity’s Amber is the next beer to go on tap at Harbor Inn & Ale.  If you frequent HI&A but have never tried OG’s beer here is your chance. If you haven’t done either please go out a support a local business that supports a local brewery.

Hopefully it will sell and we will be able to enjoy a beer made right here in Monroe County without leaving town.

Beer Nation – Episode 1 – “Who’s Driving the Craft Beer Revolution?”

About Beer Nation: A Web-Based Series Exploring the Craft Beer Revolution.
Every time you turn around, the taps are multiplying at your local bar. What was once 2 or 3 beers on tap, is now 10 or 15. And these new beers often come from smaller, more creative breweries.

Join us as we explore the raging craft beer revolution and discover all there is to know about beer from the brewery to your pint glass, including the brewers, the drinkers, and everyone else that makes this a Beer Nation.

Go to www.BeerNationShow.com for more info. Good work guys!!

Oberon Release Party @ 129 Lounge in Monroe

Michigan beer lovers know that Oberon means springtime and that warmer weather is right around the corner. They swap stories of their first Oberon oberonsighting of the season. Sure, some may now observe the Kentucky Breakfast’s release date or prefer other “beers of summer” like Arcadia Whitsun or New Holland’s Golden Cap. However,  the quintessential beer of Michigan summers is  Bell’s Oberon. Infact some would argue that the Michigan beer scene wouldn’t have grown into what it is today without Oberon (which first debuted as Solsun.)

MI Beer Buzz is throwing a release party next Thursday, April 2 from 6pm to 8pm. It is more than a celebration of beer. It is a celebration of making it  through the long cold winter. Isn’t that worth toasting?

Title: Oberon Release Party
Location: 129 Lounge in Monroe
Start Time: 6 p.m.
Date: April 2, 2009
End Time: 8:00 p.m.

For more on Oberon click  Kalamabrew.  Stay tuned for more information.

Stoutfest 2009 at the Oak Cafe

Fellow stout-heads rejoice! On Saturday March 28, Oak Cafe is having a party for you. It is in my opinion the best beer bar in the downriver area. They have incredible beer on tap and in bottle. You know it is a great beer bar because their beer menu is bigger than their food menu. Below are the details from their website. On the way to or from you can stop at Discount Drinks and pick up some Short’s or your favorite Michigan beer.

Title: Stoutfest 2009
Location: Oak Cafe in Wyandotte
Description: Stoutfest 2009
Here is a update for stoutfest 2009 The date is set for March 28 3:00 pm till 7:00 pm You can show up at any time during those hours The line up so far Draft Bells Barrel Aged Cherry Stout Bells Expedition 2008 vintage Bells Double Cream Stout Bells Hell Hath No Fury Arcadia Imperial Stout Arcadia Coco Loco Stout Founders Breakfast Stout Dark Horse Too Cream Stout Dark Horse Tres Blue Berry Stout Dark Horse Four Smoked Stout Dark Horse Plead The 5th Imperial Stout Vintage 2008 Stone Russian Imperial Stout Bottle Bells batch 7000 more to come keep checking back !!!! As usual we will be having a \” Stout Moustache Contest\” Ladies dontworry we will have stick on stashes for you. Tickets are $ 20 And you will get drink tickets to spend on your choices . Dave Munro from Bells and Mike From Dark Horse will be on hand with plenty of swag. So dont miss out get your tickets today.
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2009-03-28