Beer & Wine Tasting Continues the Fight

Looking for chance to try some beer and wine this weekend while helping the fight against cancer? You know where this is going. I’m going to say I have an event for you. You are going to think, I have a wedding that day. And I won’t reply because I’m too shocked that anyone is reading this.

What makes this one different? There is a pie auction! So come on out and support Relay for Life, have some drinks and bid on pies.

Tickets are currently available at Harbor Inn & Ale.

Featured Microbrewery Site: The Old Fire Station

To quote Lyle Lanley, “a town with money is like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how  he got it and dang if he knows how to use it”. Well the same can be said for a vacant building. While the fire department eagerly awaits their new building, city leaders are debating what to do with their soon to be vacant downtown fire station.

A 50 unit apartment complex is what the city leaders are currently mulling over. Monroe needs more housing as much as it needs a monorail. What this town really needs is a brewery. A place that people will drive in from Dundee, Flat Rock or Erie to visit just like they did when we had downtown stores like Kline’s. A destination that brings outsiders in to not only visit the brewery but also other surrounding businesses. When we visit Tecumseh Brewing Company we also visit Boulevard Market, Spotted Cow and many other of their downtown stores..

The old fire station is ugly. If a garage had a baby with a jiffy pop container this is what it would look like, I have never seen a building that looks like this one any where else. This is it’s charm. A building so uniquely weird looking  it would stand apart from any brewery in Michigan. Let’s not tear down another building perfect for a brewery like The Armory or the old paper mill offices. Let’s save and sell to the right business man to develop a brewery.

I have tried to find information about this building. There is not a lot about it online. I can’t find the square feet but it has two floors and it’s big enough to fit three 50 ft ladder trucks with room to spare. It was built in 1969. That is pretty young for a building. The first floor is brick. I have no idea what the UFO sitting on top of it is made of but I am sure it’s space age.

I know this is a lost cause. They will tear down this building to replace it with some generic looking town houses that will be partially occupied. And Monroe will lose another unique space that could have been repurposed for something special. Maybe this idea not for us. It’s more of a Frenchtown idea.

Bring a Beer and I’ll Salivate

The founders of Temperance, Michigan – so inspired by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union that they named their fledgling community after it – would be shocked to learn that their beloved town is now the hotbed of Monroe County’s beer scene. The once dry city has The Liquor Cabinet, one of the best beer stores in SE Michigan, and Forest View Lanes, a bowling alley with an insane craft beer menu. What really would have the bun stranglers in a tizzy is that their hamlet is now the home to Pavlov’s Brewing Company, Monroe County’s newest microbrewery! Huzzah!

I visited Pavlov’s last Saturday. The brewery was constructed in an old bank and has a really nice space inside. I was impressed with the variety of beer they offered. There was something for everyone on the menu. They offer four pour flights or you can order taste by the beer. I thought the best of the four was Submission, a hefeweizen that was really well balanced with some fruit flavor. I also enjoyed Stinkeye which is their IPA. I liked it enough to take a growler home. Bringing home a growler to my wife makes me feel like a hunter/gatherer. I was really impressed with their beer considering how young the place is.

I will be curious to see how they utilize their space in the future.Okay, I’m just throwing out some ideas. It’s an old bank. I want to fill out my flight sheet with a pen on a chain so I can’t steal it. Also, it would be great to pull up to the drive-through and have howlers delivered through the pneumatic tubes. And I want to have a rye malt variation of their Stickeye called Stinkrye. Sorry, I love puns.

I’m really excited about having another brewery here in Monroe County. Better yet, I am thrilled that I love the place. Seriously, make the trip down to Temperance to visit Pavlov’s. It’s worth it. Just let me know and I will try to meet up with you.

For a Toledo Blade article on Pavlov’s click here.



Beer & Wine Tasting to Benefit Relay for Life

The local Relay for Life event  is less than 4 weeks away. A charity that not only raises money but also builds a community for survivors and the loved ones of them and the ones we lost. It is an event that is sometimes moving and always inspiring.

One of the events that the We Continue the Fight team puts on is a beer tasting. This year we have added wine and some cider. I helped pick out the beer again this year. I am pretty excited about the menu this year. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! There is a pie auction! These pies are excellent. My Mother in Law bakes them and they are part of the reason why I am now old fat Kevin.

Here are the event details…

Beer & Wine Tasting for We Continue the Fight

Saturday May 12, 2018

1-4 PM

@ Harbor Inn & Ale

13993 LaPlaisance Rd

Gift Basket Raffle, 50/50 Raffle and Pie Auction

Tickets are $30 per person

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door at Harbor Inn & Ale.

Price includes 12 tastes and appetizers.

Detroit Imbibers Warned

One of the things I have learned about Michigan Prohibition was that the start of it was barely covered by Monroe’s paper. It’s covered in our history but not as a current event? Seems peculiar to me but that sort of thing happens a lot. I found only one article that immediately preceded the dry days of prohibition.

I love the writing style of this article. Here is the first paragraph…

“While they are fairly good natured and not inclined to be mean about it Monroe county officials sent word to the thirsty of Detroit that they had better have their gas tanks overflowing than themselves after Tuesday night when the Booze King abdicates in Michigan.”

There is a lot of denial here. I guess Monroe would never buy alcohol in Toledo and bring it back here. I’ve been doing that since I was 19(yes, the drinking age for beer in Ohio was 19 when I was that age). They did anticipate alcohol coming in from the newly paved strip that connected Monroe and Toledo but could never foresee the river of intoxicants that lead to Dixie Hwy being dubbed “Avenue de Booze”.  Yes it flowed to the “City on a Still”(Detroit) but still made plenty of stops on the way.

The rest of the article is about a crackdown on reckless driving that once again is blamed on Detroiters.  It also explains that signs will be going up on Tuesday night, “when old John Barleycorn is to be led to the stone wall and asked if he has any statement to make”. Once again, I love how they wrote things back then. And remember as City officials say…

“…that if they get gay down that neck of the woods something will happen that may disturb their peace of mind.”

Repeal Day, Monroe and Prohibition

A state convention gathered in Utah on this date in 1933 to ratify the 21st Amendment. A three quarter majority was needed to make it official and Utah became the 36th state to do so. Making December 5 the official day the 21st Amendment was ratified. Now this date will be known as Repeal Day.
Of course history is more complicated than that and I plan on covering some of those stories in the next few months. During my research I discovered a great blog post by Kathy Warnes. It is about Monroe during the beginning of prohibition. I will share the first paragraph then link it below. It’s fun and informative.

Rumrunner Muskrat La Framboise preferred to move his bootleg whiskey stored in jute bags tied together at the tops like ears in his boat equipped with a stopper resembling a bathtub plug. He rowed along the Detroit River Highway from Ecorse to its mouth near Monroe taking orders and delivering his liquid refreshment. When a government agent or policeman spotted him and gave chase, he pulled the plug and the boat would sink. After the drama of the chase and capture died down, he’d return to his boat and dive for his liquor, or if he had a large shipment, he would bring a few friends along to help. Muskrat became as skilled as a loon diving for fish at this method of River recycling.

Bootlegging Down The Avenue de Booze

Local Homebrewer’s Beer on Tap at 129 Lounge

Last December, 129 Lounge and Saugatuck Brewing teamed up to hold a local homebrew competition where the winner would get to have his or her beer on tap for all to sample. This inaugural event had many tasty entries but the winning beer was a coffee stout brewed by the Muskrat Mashers’ own  Dan DeSloover, named Night Grind. Dan won a brew day at Saugatuck Brewing where he brewed his beer, they kegged it and now 129 Lounge is putting it on tap this Saturday, May 9 at 7pm.

I am excited about a local homebrewer’s beer being on tap in Monroe. I seriously can’t remember when a Monroe brewer has had a beer on tap at a local bar. And since there hasn’t been a brewery in town since before Prohibition you may need to go back that far to enjoy a beer by a Monroe brewer.

It will be a good weekend to go to 129. The weather is supposed to be perfect for sitting out on their back deck. What a great way to toast to the fact that this long winter behind us.

129 Lounge is located at 129 E. Front St. in Monroe, MI.

Beer Won’t Make You Bilious

I was doing some research today and found this Green Seal beer ad from 1915. It was brewed by the Buckeye Beer Company out of Toledo, Oh.
I love the health benefits that Green Seal claimed. It’s really hard to read some of the print but I did see that “good beer makes good blood”. It was probably true that beer was healthier than milk and water. I feel they implied that a government official bestowed a green seal of approval to their beer. I picture C. Everett Koop.


Lake Erie Metropark and Beer History

Take it from someone who has been married for over ten years. Nothing will make your wife happier this Valentine’s Day than to take her to a beer event on love’s biggest day. It sounds like I’m joking but I have taken Sarah to this event before and we loved it.
What is it? Actually, it’s two events presented by Lake Erie Metropark. On Saturday, they are talking history, beer history, from the first fermentation to the craft beer boom. Sunday, the subject is rum-running which we have attending. It was informative and fun. If you love history, beer or beer history I recommend going.
Here are the details…

History of Hooch
Marshlands Museum & Nature Center
Sat 02/14/2015 2pm
Lake Erie Metropark
From its ancient beginnings to the modern craft beer era, people have been brewing beer for thousands of years. Join an interpreter for a historic journey of all things beer, including a brief home-brewing show-and-tell. Sorry folks -no samples will be provided! Please preregister.

Rum-Running Stories
Marshlands Museum & Nature Center
Sun 02/15/2015 2pm
Lake Erie Metropark
The Detroit River was a pretty busy place during Prohibition. With tremendous amounts of illegal liquor entering the United States from Canada during the 1920’s and early 1930’s, stories abound. Join some young “old timers” as you travel back to the era of blind pigs, rum-running, and panther sweat. Participants are urged to tell a few stories of their own! Please preregister.

Here is the event page to per register.