Beer and Movie Night – ” Beer Hunter the Movie”

If you hear the name Michael Jackson and the first thing that pops into your head is beer then keep reading. If you are thinking the pop singer then you won’t find this post a thriller so beat it.

Original Gravity will be showing a movie about one of the most important promoters of great foreign and craft beer this Thursday (October 3, 2013).  Anyone that loves great beer owns at least one Michael Jackson book. And his book Beer Companion was practically required reading when Sarah and I took the BJCP course a few years back.

From OG’s website…

10.3.13 – Beer and Movie Night – ” Beer Hunter the Movie”
Come enjoy a pint and check out the new documentary about one of the legends of craft brewing education Michael Jackson. No not the pop singer, but a hugely influential author that help sprout the craft beer culture in the late 1970’s. Learn more at
Movie starts at 8:oopm. No cover.

Night of the Tasty Beer

It’s Halloween!  And if you like classic horror flicks and great and unique craft beer then Original Gravity in Milan is where you want to be Saturday. The beer is a small batch release called Pumpkin Gingerbread Ale. It is a brown ale brewed with pumpkin pies spices, ginger, vanilla beans and molasses.

The movie is the cult zombie classic, “Night of the Living Dead”. I love zombie movies! Especially since vampires have jumped the shark in the last few years. They are walking around brooding with six pack abs in love triangles with werewolves. Werewolves are the Curly Joe Besser of the movie monster world who should be no contest. While vampire movies are playing to the 17 magazine crowd, zombies have have taken over. Movies like “Planet terror”, “28 Days Later”, “Shaun of the Dead”,” Zombieland” and “Bubba Ho-Tep” have been handing vampires their brains for lunch. Mmm… brains! And “Night of the living Dead” is in the grandfather of them all. It’s a great horror film with just enough camp to make it fun to see with a crowd.

Here are the event details.

Brew and Scary Movie Night!!
Come enjoy a glass of our latest Small Batch creation “Pumpkin Gingerbread Ale” and checkout the 1968 Zombie Classic “Night of the Living Dead”!
Small batch on tap @ 6pm, movie starts @ 8pm.

“Locally Buzzed” Movie Review

I attended the screening of “Locally Buzzed” at Original Gravity. I didn’t know what to expect out of this movie but the concept seemed similar to “American Beer”. I didn’t want to see another movie about a group of people drinking to the point of exhaustion while stealing air time away from the breweries. The Locally Buzzed film makers must have felt the same way because even though they did a eight day road trip they saved it for a montage toward the end and it did not get in the way of the subject. It wasn’t a Michael Bay style montage either. It showed a charismatic group of friends just having fun on a beer tour.

The film is essentially a love letter to the Michigan breweries. It is perhaps a strange circumstance that we both should be in love with the same breweries (I know that sounds corny but it’s a Casablanca reference).  So a true critical look at the film will be hard.  

“Locally Buzzed” is more about the subject than the film makers which is a refreshing change from the other recent beer documentaries. That subject is all Michigan beer, how and why it is great and most importantly the cooperation that exists between breweries.  It features a series of interviews from the smallest brewery, Tim Bies from Red Jacket Brewing Company, to the largest brewery, Larry Bell from Bell’s (not having him would be like not having Scorsese). The interviews are divided according to topic with cut-aways to the interviewees and is easy to follow. Matt Greff orating about the economy becoming more local fired me up. I also liked that the U.P. breweries were given their well deserved due. We trolls seem to forget that there is another peninsula. 

 I hope that this film preaches to people who aren’t in the choir. Especially after I heard that a local beer distributor said  “Wow! Michigan usually doesn’t go for different styles of beer.”  I also had a clerk at the local store just last week say she didn’t know that beer was made in Michigan. It would be great for the film to reach industry people like them in and out of Michigan.

Overall I enjoyed this film. It was informative and entertaining.  If it is playing near you please go and see it.

Click here for showing dates.

“Locally Buzzed” Showing at Original Gravity

Original Gravity will be having a special showing of “Locally Buzzed” on Saturday the 4. It is a documentary about 8 people that travel to 50 Michigan breweries in 8 days. I can’t imagine pulling this off. Sarah and I took a similar trip a few years ago and if it wasn’t for the great people at Schmohz brewery I wouldn’t have made it through day 7. And that was a little less than thirty breweries.

Here are the details…

OG Beer and Movie Night September 4 @ 8:30pm
“Locally Buzzed”
Kick back and enjoy a pint of your favorite OG beer and enjoy this NEW local documentary about the Great Beer State fo Michigan!!