Original Gravity Beer Release

440 Pepper Smoker is back! I love this beer.

Here are the details…
2.7.14 – Taco Night and 440 Pepper Smoker Release!OG Logo F1
Come enjoy a pint of 440 Pepper Smoker and some beef brisket tacos!
Slow braised spicy beef brisket on Ann Arbor Tortilla co. corn tortillas served with homemade guacamole, salsa, cilntro-lime slaw and tortilla chips.
Food served at 5:00pm.

Beer and Movie Night – ” Beer Hunter the Movie”

If you hear the name Michael Jackson and the first thing that pops into your head is beer then keep reading. If you are thinking the pop singer then you won’t find this post a thriller so beat it.

Original Gravity will be showing a movie about one of the most important promoters of great foreign and craft beer this Thursday (October 3, 2013).  Anyone that loves great beer owns at least one Michael Jackson book. And his book Beer Companion was practically required reading when Sarah and I took the BJCP course a few years back.

From OG’s website…

10.3.13 – Beer and Movie Night – ” Beer Hunter the Movie”
Come enjoy a pint and check out the new documentary about one of the legends of craft brewing education Michael Jackson. No not the pop singer, but a hugely influential author that help sprout the craft beer culture in the late 1970’s. Learn more at http://www.beerhuntermovie.com
Movie starts at 8:oopm. No cover.

Summer at the OG

If I were to open a brewery in Monroe it wouldn’t be much different from Original Gravity in OG Logo F1Milan. The would be different. Probably some horrible pun like “The Nash Tun”, “Decoction Nash” or even “No-Beer-Named-After-General-Custer Brewing Co.” The latter would just be to get that question out of the way.

There is so much to love about Original Gravity in addition to their tasty beer… and that should be more than enough. The atmosphere is relaxed and family friendly. OG believes in cultivating community. On Wednesdays OG has a farmers market set up so you can buy your veggies for the week.  It is the type of place that you can’t believe there was a time before it existed.

I particularly love going there in the summer. The patio is open and you can sit in the shade and enjoy a beer . It’s something man has done since civilization began. Or at least since man invented patios. It’s engrained in us.  When you think of how many summers you have in your life time why would you sit inside when drinking a great summer beer like Two-Wheeler?

OG turns five this year and so does my oldest daughter. I joked the other day that I remembered that Maggie turns five because Original Gravity does. Everyone is invited to OG’s party this Saturday, June 15. You aren’t invited to Maggie’s but a gift of beer for her Dad would be appreciated.

Below are just a few of the highlights of what looks to be a great summer at the OG…

OG 5-year Anniversary Party on June 15th!
10 IPAs on Tap!
Beer Inspired BBQ provided  by Ypsilanti’s Red Rock BBQ from 2pm til gone!
 Live Music on the (soon to be renovated) patio from Valentiger wsg Steve Leaf @ 5pm!
Additional outside seating and bar will be available.
No Cover!

Original Gravity Farmer’s Market!! Wednesdays
The farmers Market is now OPEN for the Season. Thanks to Zilke Vegetable Farms, Erie Bread Company and everyone else who helps make the Wednesday Market awesome!


Kegs Kicking Cancer’s Caboose

Michelle Nasers is the co-founder of Craft Beer in Michigan and an incredible woman that we are lucky enough to call a friend and a cancer survivor. Michelle will be hosting a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society this Sunday October 14, 2012 at Original Gravity. Here is a quote from the event’s Facebook page that tells her story…

“I will be running (and walking) in the Detroit Free Press international half marathon on October 21st with the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team – something I never dreamed that I would be able to do when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 5 years ago.  This race is my way of celebrating 5 years of survivorship, and in doing so, my goal is to raise $4200 – $100 for each of my years prior to diagnosis – for ACS.”

This event will be a lot of fun. The prizes are incredible and you get to help fight cancer. Here are the event details…

Kegs Kicking Cancer’s Caboose

October 14, 12pm to 6pm

Original Gravity

DetermiNation unites athletes with a very important mission – the mission to save lives from all types of cancer! Together with our millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates a world with less cancer and more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures and by fighting back.

Special beer release

Barrel Aged Evil Overlord: a strong dark Belgian ale aged in a bourbon cask for 11 months!  Wow!


•Assorted gift certificates (Clubhouse BFD, Thai Bistro, Weber’s Inn and more!)

 •A bottle of 1994 Samuel Adams Triple Bock, compliments of Rex and Mary Halfpenny-This beer only had 3 vintage releases; 1994, 1995, and 1997. Brewed with two row malted barley, water, Noble hops and yeast, along with maple syrup, it was then aged several months in oak whiskey barrels before being bottled. At the time it was considered the world’s strongest beer, and a precursor of today’s Extreme Beers.

 •A bottle of 2007 Cyser made by Rex Halfpenny with juice from Uncle John’s Cider Mill

 •Lifetime OG Brew Crew membership!

•A variety of Swag



Beer Bread

I woke up this morning and thought I should re-post a story from last year about Erie Bread Company and Original Gravity working together to bake a bread that is uniquely Michigan. And there isn’t a better day to do so considering that the bread is released on Wednesday and will be available at both locations.

Original Gravity sells the bread at their weekly farmer’s market which should be running at full steam during this time of year.

One update, I did end up tasting the bread baked from OG’s 440 Pepper Smoker and it was great.

(Originally posted in March 2011)One of the aspects of small locally-owned businesses that big chains can’t replicate is when they work together to create anoriginal product that is unique to the community in which they do business .  Erie Bread Company in Monroe and Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan, (on the Monroe County side of County Street), are doing just that. Spent grains and beer from Original Gravity are being used to craft artisan bread at Erie Bread Company which be sold as loaves at Erie Bread and on sandwiches at Original Gravity.

Erie Bread Company opened in Monroe in the fall of 2010. They serve artisan breads and take-out lunches. Their sourdough is made from wild yeast present in the air of Monroe. Towne Club (made in Detroit) is their soda of choice. They also sell Spillson’ rice pudding, a local Monroe favorite. Being a part of the community is important to Nick and Alisa Seccia, the owners. They’ve even baked with spent grains from our local homebrew club, the Muskrat Mashers. The following is a quote from Nick Seccia, owner and baker at Erie Bread Company.

“We are excited to be working with a local brewer in Monroe County both for the quailty of OG’s beers going into our bread and the opportunity for two local producers to work together for a stronger local food community, and maybe help stimulate the economy a bit.”

Original Gravity Brewing Company has also been supportive of local businesses since they opened nearly three years ago. Brad Sancho,  Original Gravity’s owner and brewer, has held events for local charities, brewed beer using hops grown in Monroe County and will host a farmer’s market every Wednesday afternoon beginning April 6. Next week they will start using Erie Bread Company’s sourdough and 7 grain multi-grain on the sandwiches that they serve at the brewpub in Milan. Eventually, Original Gravity  will add beer bread to their menu which will be sold as part of a cheese tray. The bread will also be available for sale at their farmer’s market.

Brad Sancho, brewer and owner of Original Gravity had this to say about the collaboration:

“We plan on changing up the beer bread quite a bit.  Different beers, different spent grains, and different bread styles will make this an exciting project.  I cannot tell you how excited we are to work with Nick Seccia at Erie Bread Company.  He shares the same passion for his business, as I do for mine. Nothing goes better together than fresh  beer and fresh baked bread.”

We had our first taste of this union last week when, for Saint Patrick’s Day, Erie Bread Company baked “Original Gravity Stout Cheddar Rye.” The rye bread with the stout would be incredible in and of itself but they added chunks of real cheddar cheese which took it over the top. Nick did mention future plans to bake using Brad’s highly acclaimed 440 Pepper Smoker, possibly adding cumin, orange and smoked cheddar cheese or bacon. I can’t express how eager I am to try that bread.


Monroe Beer Events for June 16

This Saturday, June 16 2012, there are two big local events. One is Original Gravity’s 4 year anniversary party and the other is the 2012 Monroe Pub Crawl. Both will be good times in completely different ways.

OG’s 4 year anniversary is made for hop heads. Eight different IPAs will be released including a Mango/Pineapple IPA. Also beer inspired BBQ from Erie Bread Company will be served starting at 1pm. Here are the details from the website…

6.16.12 – OG 4-Year Anniversary Party!!!   Come celebrate our 4-year Anniversary all day!   8+ IPA’s on tap…including Mango / Pineapple IPA, Citrus IPA and others….  Beer Inspired BBQ from Erie Bread Company from 1pm -til gone… Live Music from  Valentiger wsg Johnny Lunchbox @ 7pm…

The Monroe Pub Crawl visits 9 bars starting at 3:30. It is a blast and a chance for me to get snobby with bars that don’t serve Michigan beer. Actually the list of bars shrinks every year. Regardless this is a fun time with friendly people that will make you feel like a long lost friend. Here are the details…

Join us for the 6th annual Monroe Pub Crawl!  There’s no charge, and we’re not raising money for anything. It’s just a fun summer night out to tour bars you might not otherwise see.  The crawl is open to anyone and everyone. Get a group of friends, come on out and have fun!
 June 16, 2012 – Schedule:
ClamDiggers 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
SideTrack Saloon 4:45 – 5:30 p.m.
You & I 5:45 – 6:30 p.m.
Uptown 6:30 – 7:15 p.m.
McGeady’s 7:15 – 8 p.m.
Senior Cactus 8 – 8:45 p.m.
129 Lounge 8:45 – 9:30 p.m.
Roarks 9:30 – 10:15 p.m.
Beeks 10:15 – 11pm

Original Gravity Event May 11

Original Gravity was kind enough to let MIbeerbuzz host a Michigan Beer Toast this Friday, May 11 at 6pm. Brad will also be releasing a Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginger Ale plus one dollar off pints for anyone wearing a Michigan brewery shirt. Show up early and enjoy happy hour from 3 – 6pm.

What is the Michigan Beer Toast? Michigan was the first state to ratify the 21st Amendment on April 10, 1933 which would lead to the eventual end of prohibition.  Yet, it was going to take 35 more states to ratify the amendment and no one was really sure how long that process would take. America was thirsty and Washington realized that it was much easier to amend  The Volstead Act by changing the allowed percentage of alcohol from .5 to 3.2 by weight. It was still up to each state to pass similar legislation to sell legal 3.2 beer. Michigan did just that and designated  May 11, 1933 at 6pm as the exact time when legal beer could be purchased again.

This toast celebrates the men and women who worked to reclaim our right to drink beer and the breweries that make Michigan the great beer state.

Have You Been to OG Lately?

A few days ago Mike O’Brien posted about a recent  to Original Gravity on the Craft Beer in Michigan Yahoo group. I enjoyed reading it so I thought I would share it with you. I asked Mike to add a short introduction (he made it modest) for those who don’t know him.

I am Mike O’Brien  – BrewGyver. I spend my days – and some evenings – helping breweries stay running. I did help Brad install the equipment at OG and was there  the day I did the sampling  to help Brad rebuild the brewhouse pump. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brad  and sampling a couple of his new beers. Brad’s Belgian offering  is now all grown up.  He has taken off his Training Wheels and is now serving 2-Wheeler Wit. A delicately balance beer  with ‘just the right amount’ of spice.

Ez-Duz-It is his offering for a lighter IPA (4.2%)  that is lacking nothing that you would expect in a hoppy IPA – great Amarillo character . . . and you can have more than one! 🙂

The latest addition  of his BellyWasher (Scotch Ale)  is nicely smokey with an addition of crystal rye?! If you think that his ‘famous’ 440 Pepper Smoker  now has just a little bit more of a kick  you are right. Brad added a couple of Habanero peppers to this batch – still super drinkable!

The current beer list on a chalk board -you can read from across the room 🙂 Brad’s  always delicious  sandwiches  are now available on beer bread from the Erie Bread Co. Wednesday’s Erie Bread Co.’s beer bread  is sold by the loaf. This week was Porter Rye – mmm! If you haven’t been there in a while – it’s time to go back! If you have never been to OG?! – shame on you! Look what you are missing!

Mike O’Brien

I share Mike’s love of Original Gravity. It is what I would want my brewery to be if I owned one. Fantastic beer. Brad’s sense of community (using a local bakery, hosting a farmer’s market) and a family atmosphere makes OG a special part of the community. Thanks Brad! We will be out to drink one soon.

A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to Monroe County

It can be tough to live in a small town that seemingly doesn’t care for craft beer as a whole. At least as a resident you know where to go for good beer but what is a visitor to do? There are a lot of good sites that will help you find where to go but I have found that my hometown Monroe is not always covered well. This is where our new sidebar comes in. I am hoping it will help people find their way to the bars and restaurants that care about supporting local breweries.

I have been wracking my brain on how to promote bars and restaurants that support local beer since we started this blog years ago. I was stuck on the angle of blasting places that don’t support local beer by name but I have decided to go positive by giving credit to places that get it. Ranting about someone’s beer selection doesn’t help anyone.

Here is the list of bars/restaurants that serve Michigan beer as of this post. If you know of any I missed please let me know.

Oh and yes there are people who visit Monroe. We have the River Raisin National Battlefield Park which is nearing it’s bicentennial and we are the home of General George Armstrong Custer. We even had President Clinton pass the baton to Al Gore here to kick-off the Gore campaign. So if you want to lose in a monumental way this is a great place to visit or make your home.


Happy Birthday Original Gravity

<div class=\"postavatar\">Happy Birthday Original Gravity</div>

Looking for something to do in Monroe County today? You could go to the Mayfly Festival in Dundee and purchase Natural Light in make shift old milk jug pitchers which goes against almost everything I stand for. Or you can go to Original Gravity and drink a Bourbon Barrel Aged High Five IPA. If you are reading this I am sure you are more likely to do the latter.

Here are the details per Brad…

We will have 2 new small batch brews on tap, plus releasing the Bourbon Barrel Aged High Five IPA.

Some fantastic BBQ grub starting at 2pm.  BBQ menu for tomorrow includes Smoked Pork, Chicken Legs, and hot link sausage, mac-n-cheese, corn bread and spicy pickles!

Live music from “Out of the Sun” starts around 8:30pm!!!