Beer brewing demonstration

I made this video a while back this summer, and it’s been pretty popular on YouTube. I figured this blog would be the perfect place to show it off. Kevin and Sarah are, in my book, master brewers. The beers I’ve tried of theirs are phenomenal – I’ll have to get them to post sometime about the Smoketoberfest beer they brewed recently!


Welcome to the Michigan Beer Buzz blog. This could very well be the first blog from Monroe, MI all about beer. The idea came about while a group of us were sitting around Fort St. Brewing in Lincoln Park, MI. We thought the world needed yet another blog, but ours would be the coolest blog ever. Since we’re all beer nuts, and are always swapping ideas about breweries, beer flavors, tastings, festivals, beer brewing tips, etc., we figured it would benefit the beer community to start keeping track of all this good information!

So far, there will be three of us posting to this blog. We will be recruiting others in the future who share the same passion for craft beer as we do. We definitely aren’t experts in the field, so please help us out. Post comments, send us articles and help us make this the best beer blog ever! We have some really exciting posts coming your way, so sit tight and enjoy Monroe’s first ever blog about beer!