This story from the Associated Press is at MLive (the host site for several Michigan newspapers) – High gasoline prices changing lawn-mowing habits.

A snippet:

When Eric King moved from his apartment in Pittsburgh to a single-family home with a lawn, he bought a manual lawn mower instead of the usual gas-powered kind. He figures he’s putting money in his pocket and saving trips to the filling station.

He’s got plenty of company. Sales of manual — or push reel — mowers with the cartwheeling blades are on the rise this year.

Some other ideas on the lawn front:

  • Move to a neighborhood where the individual lots are small – but near a playground or park where the children have room to play outdoors.
  • Turn as much yard as possible into a garden. You can grow vegetables in the back yard and side yard even if you prefer flowers in the front yard.
  • Research “natural landscaping,” or ask a yard or garden expert about lawn plants that thrive in your region without a lot of water or mowing.

Update: you’ll also find this story on age 10B of June 26 print and e-editions of The Monroe Evening News.

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