The Carnival of Personal Finance for June 30 is hosted by Greener Pastures: Personal Finance. Here are some of the more than 85 posts you’ll find this week on all things financial:

  • Saving Advice presents The Surprising Costs of DIY: “Usually we borrow tools from my father in law, but he didn’t have what we needed either. You don’t want to forget the cost of renting tools in order to get your job done.” Consider DIY moving: Every time my husband and I did that, it cost more money, and took more time, than we thought.
  • The DebtFree Playbook Blog presents Debt is making you sick: “It’s important to look after yourself whilst in debt – you are your best resource, so manage that resource well.” Good advice.
  • The Pennywise Librarians presents How I got a yearly People magazine for $86: “For years, I’ve been trying to tell her that she would save a lot of dough by just subscribing already since she reads it with such devotion.” You know what the little things are in your life that you can’t do without. Figure out the cheapest way to get them : )
  • Military Finance Network presents Military Discounts: “Some of these are available to Active Duty, veterans, family members, DOD civilians and the general public.” Now, Monroe on a Budget is writing from a civilian community. But there are discounts, programs and services that are applicable to local military personnel and familiy members, and I’ll list them as I find out about them. Julie’s List, which is a huge resource and referral list for southeast Michigan, also has a military section.
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