Shannon at Saving Advice has a post Should we cut out entertainment during difficult financial times?

A snippet:

When your income is needed more for other things, however, you can find less expensive alternatives to your favorite forms of entertainment. Check out books from the library (and enjoy the free programs they offer!) instead of going to the bookstore. Watch movies on TV or rent them instead of going to the theater. Attend sporting events and performances at the local high school instead of paying for their professional counterparts.

The approach my family has taken is carefully watching the expenses. Either find cheaper means to enjoy your fun and entertainment (such as matinee times for movies), or get the most possible use out of your money if you will be spending a certain amount anyway (look for those value and bundle promotions when you travel).

Do you need some fun and frugal ideas for things to do in Monroe County? I’m one of the administrators of the MonroeTalks calendar – my co-workers and I add notices every business day with events and meetings from the local area and within an hour’s drive of Monroe. Go to the search page if you are looking for a specific date range or want to set up a category search for topics such as music, children’s events and holiday events.

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