Shannon at Saving Advice has this fun read: Saving Advice from the 1950s: How Much Still Applies?

Buried in the bottom of a box lot I recently bought at an auction was an advertising booklet from the 1950s, 1003 Household Hints and Work Savers to Help You Beat the High Cost of Living. The title caught my attention because it mentioned a “high cost of living” in an era many of us now view as a good time economically, the time when many modern conveniences became affordable for the average American household. I suppose we always see the cost of living as high.

What tips from the 1950s translate to today’s audience? Go read what Shannon wrote.

Regardless of the details, we can certainly learn from our older generations an attitude of using resources wisely. My husband had an interesting discussion this week with his parents about family stories from the Great Depression.

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