Saving Advice has this post – Scheduled habits: 10 “every other” savings.

The concept is that a change in habits or routines could help you save you money.

A snippet:

I used to clean the bathrooms every day. It was the way I grew up. But the time it took made me crazy and (before I discovered homemade cleansers) it was super expensive. One day I asked myself if I really had to do it every day. The answer was no. I broke that habit. Now I do a full cleaning once a week and spot clean as necessary the rest of the week. Ask yourself if you have to clean, vacuum or dust as often as you do, or whether you can stretch it a little longer.

Another one that caught my attention:

How often do you catch yourself eating out “because it’s Tuesday and we always eat out on Tuesday,” or “because we always eat out after soccer practice?” Can you try eating out every other Tuesday or after every other practice? Can you prepare a meal beforehand so you don’t have to scramble? A lot of our meals out are programmed into our routines. Simply looking at when you eat out and changing that habit can save you big money.

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