Attention Kroger shoppers: Do you want an easy way to participate in Campbell’s Labels for Education program?

Go to the eLabels site and register your Kroger shopper card.

You can register up to five schools, so if you have children or grandchildren at multiple schools your label points can be split up. Many of the Monroe-area schools from the preschool through high school years are registered on this program. And if the school you want to support is in another city, no problem. Just hit the search engine by city and state to see which ones are registered

Now for me, this is an extremely convenient option. I started participating in the General Mills Box Tops program few years ago, and save those points for the school kids in the family. But I never expanded into  the other food label drives. It gets a little confusing to be constantly looking for this or that code on the food packages.

Now, two grade schools where my nieces and nephews attend will get my Campbell points, when I had no Campbell participation previously.

It’s not going to be much of a donation — just like my Meijer One Card charity contribution to a congregation of Catholic sisters doesn’t add up to much. But these shopper card programs are one way to help out favorite causes without taking money out of your own pocket.

Think about it: the more money that schools can raise through corporate campaigns such as loyalty card points, the less the schools have to rely on product sales and walk-a-thon fundraisers that often frustrate families on a budget.

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