Saving Advice has this post: The consequences of believing in the entitlement fairy tale.

A snippet:

Once we become adults, there isn’t a teacher or parent there to enforce the fairness rule. It’s a tough lesson to learn that just being present isn’t enough any more. (And the more you were indulged as a kid, the more painful this lesson is.)

In adulthood, we have to earn what we get. We have to save and sacrifice for our needs and, especially, wants. As an adult, you no longer deserve anything simply because you are a good person who works hard. There isn’t anyone who’s going to make certain that you get to participate in the fun, just because you’re part of the class. You have to make and earn your own fun. If you fail to save and act responsibly, what you “deserve” might be nothing.

We need to learn this lesson in a hurry because continuing to believe in the entitlement fairy tale is getting many people in trouble.

The entitlement attitude isn’t just about “stuff.”

I find that entitlement attitudes are just as likely to be involved in steady employment, promotions, bonuses, pay rates and retirement packages — particularly from those who made a significant investment into a college education or made career decisions based on what was a reasonable expectation during their young adult years.

And yes, times have changed. That’s been a bitter pill for some of us to swallow.

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