The Carnival of Personal Finance for Oct. 20 was hosted by Budgets are Sexy. Here are some of the posts you’ll find on all things financial:

  • Smart Money Daily presents 5 Lies that Keep You from Budgeting: “At some point you will have a tough time and you will suddenly need a safety net. A budget can give you that much needed net.” Now, if you budget, does that mean you no longer have to panic on how to cover the bills in case of a payday shortfall? Not necessarily; but, it does mean those situations will happen much less frequently.
  • Free Money Finance presents Will a freezer save you money?: “We’ve thought about buying half a cow and will probably do so in the future.” Another thought – can you share such a purchase with someone else? My parents have been known to buy meat in the half or quarter-cow size, and they will sell packages by the pound to me and my siblings.
  • Ready to be Rich presents How to make friends pay back they money they owe you: “You should only lend out money which you can afford to lose. So if you find yourself having a difficult time getting paid back, then you can just let go.” About a year ago, someone asked me for cash so she could pay her bills on time. The problem I could easily see happening is that if she didn’t pay me back as expected, what would happen to my bills? I told her I couldn’t do what she asked, but I could give her some gas money and a stack of grocery coupons and that might help her get through a small hurdle. We’re still on good terms, and no, she hasn’t asked me for money again.
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