You might be surprised to learn how much of your grocery budget is actually eaten up by cleaning supplies.

So if you’re looking for ways to cut back on grocery expenses, give the homemade cleaning recipes or alternative cleaning products a try.

Keep in mind that it is NOT frugal to throw out all of your old chemicals so you can introduce new ones. You’ve already spent money on the stuff, so use it up. Then gradually change over your techniques as you try this or that.

For example, you will find products such as Febreeze, Old English and Drano on my cleaning supply shelf. I haven’t found an acceptable substitute for name brand drain cleaner in the bathtubs other than installing hair traps to prevent the problem as much as possible. But, I do watch for the sales and coupons on name brand products that I use — example, I stocked up on cheap Febreeze during a drugstore rebate promotion.

You will also find vinegar, ammonia, bleach, refillable spray bottles and fabric scraps on my shelf. Every time I can use those less expensive products or techniques to take on a task such as wiping off the kitchen counter, mopping the floor or cleaning the toilet, I’m saving money.

How can you beat the cost of cleaning supplies?

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