I read someone fussing on a frugal living board last week about the possibility of no coupons for a couple of weeks in the Sunday papers. She didn’t see the point of getting a Sunday paper if there were no coupons.

Another reader responded she was told there would be no coupons until after Jan. 1.

But she apparently had bad information because Proctor and Gamble has announced on its web site that it will have $71 worth of coupon savings in its Dec. 28 coupon book.

Lesson: don’t rely on Internet rumors. You want to verify sales and deals either with actual sales fliers or actual posts on corporate web sites.

Now this is what you do: Use this Sunday coupon collection to help you buy products that count toward that big P&G coupon packet.

Let’s say you bought $50 worth of products and got $5 coupon savings now for total bill $45. You still bought $50 worth of products. Turn in your receipts.

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