The Carnival of Personal Finance for Jan. 12 was hosted by The Writer’s Coin. Here are some of the posts you’ll find on all things financial:

  • Your Money Relationship presents 10 things to do when you graduate without a job: “Knowing people who know the right people will help you get ahead in this world. I know that sounds bad and unfair but it’s the truth.” People tend to hover in the world of familiar contacts. But try one thing to meet someone new during the next couple of months – join an organization, volunteer for a different project, say hello to the person you don’t know that well in your church, etc.
  • Money Grubbing Lawyer presents a guest post, Prison taught me everything I need to know about personal finance: “Take control of your life and your finances, and don’t trust others to take care of things for you.”  If you do hire out or delegate financial duties (for example, I gave up years ago trying to do my own tax returns), then pay attention to what is being done on your behalf and ask questions about the details and the process.
  • Saving Advice presents Why being “above” a job is a dumb strategy: “I’ve had a few interviews and one even offered me a job. But none of them wanted to pay me as much as I was making before.” If you are among the southeast Michigan layoff victims who created a lifestyle on high wages, then here is a reality check: the median income in Monroe County, Mich., is the rough equivalent of two wage earners making $14 an hour. In other words, a lot of your neighbors have already had to make do on a lot less than you were making.

The Festival of Frugality for Jan. 13 was hosted by Credit Withdrawal. Here are some of the posts you’ll find on frugal living:

  • Money Ning presents 5 surefire ways to stop thinking your paycheck is never enough: “Why can so many families live below $50,000 a year while others earning 4 times in the same country still feel poor?” Lifestyle choices have a lot to do with that … most families can probably figure out a way to afford one or two luxuries in their lives but I don’t know too many people who can afford to get EVERYTHING they want.
  • Wise Bread presents Meat money – grocery saving tips for carnivores: “In addition to precooked boneless hams, turkey hams, Spam and large blocks of pressed ham loaf, consider pepperoni, pre-cooked boneless turkey breast, or even snagging some breaded chicken breast strips from the deli counter to dice up at home for a DIY crispy chicken southwest salad with corn and black beans.” If you are short on cash, stop buying meat in meal-size packages on a week to week basis. Buy what’s on sale and divide it when you get home.
  • Monroe on a Budget presents Kitchen prep you can do on the weekends: “You can save yourself a lot of time and annoyance during the week by doing some of your kitchen prep on the weekends.” Avoid relying on fast-food and restaurant dinners because you have nothing ready — save those dinners out for times when you really intend to eat out.
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