The Art of Tea has this marvelous post by Lisa Przystup: 7 reasons to drink tea during a recession.

A snippet:

It’s official. We’re in a recession. It would be an understatement to say that things are pretty stressful right now. Instead of heading directly to your neighborhood bar or investing in a bottle of hard alcohol, why not try brewing a pot of tea? It’s healthier for you and less likely to get you checked into the Betty Ford Clinic. …

Now here’s a further reason to drink tea during recession: it’s cheap.

I got used to drinking sweet iced tea when I attended college in South Carolina. It is a very cheap alternative to soda or drink mix packets.

I also keep an assortment of flavored teas to brew hot in the microwave when I’m at the office. While I still like my coffee in the morning, I typically have a cup of tea in the afternoon. Specialty tea packets are very cheap at the grocery or drugstore when you watch for sales + coupon deals! (Currently drinking Celestial Seasonings mandarin orange.)

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