The Carnival of Personal Finance for Feb. 16 was hosted by Canadian Personal Finance Blog, and the Festival of Frugality for Feb. 17 was hosted by Good Financial Cents.

Here are some of the posts you’ll find from the carnivals:

  • The Coin Jar presents When having a land line and a cell phone makes sense: “In the three months, we spent more—not a lot, but still more—for phone calls instead of less. Changing our behavior was not quite as easy as changing our calling plan.” We noticed this a few years ago, too, and put our landline on an unlimited plan. If we went wireless only, we’d need to bump up the cost on our wireless plan. So we may as well have the landline too.
  • My Wealth Builder presents Reduce spending without sacrificing lifestyle 3 – take advantage of free: “There are many government services provided for free, because they are already paid for by tax dollars. The best example is the public library.” Local readers: you don’t have to guess at how to use Monroe County’s community programs and services because I list specific details of when, where and how and post the links! And for the national readers, you’ll find much of that information in the local and entertainment sections of your newspapers.
  • Frugal Babe presents How many financial blows could you withstand? “I look at every month where our income exceeds our expenses as a gift that should not be squandered. It’s an opportunity for us to build up a wall around our family to shield us from whatever life might throw at us around the next bend.” Frugal living isn’t fun or easy. I know that from experience. But it’s going to stretch those funds at a time when so many southeast Michigan families are going under.
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